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Birds of Prey available to stream this month because of Coronavirus

Warner Bros. announced that Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey will release early and be streamable on the 24th of March as VOD on Itunes and Amazon.

Warner Bros. have announced that they will Birds of Prey, which is spinoff to Suicide Squad (2017), availablefor digital purchase this month, March 24, much earlier than its anticipated video-on-demand release.

NEWS: People are cancelling their FUNimation because of this.

Warner Bros. are blaming the abysmal box office numbers on the Coronavirus outbreak and are confident that, by releasing the Harley Quinn movie early on VOD, more people will want to see it.

The film is still playing at the cinemas but it is failing to sell tickets. It premiered on the 8th of February and has only pulled in USD$198 million on the intentional box office since then, which is considers a flop by Warner Bros. standards.

Birds of Prey fails sexist perverted men to blame

Birds of Prey available to stream early on VOD. Out March 24th, because of Coronavirus.

The super hero chick flick starring Margot Robbie was originally called Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) but was later changed, or rather simplified, to just Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey in hopes to boost ticket sales.

Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey, which will be available to stream later this month, is not the first to get an early digital release. On Monday Universal announced that Trolls World Tour, from DreamWorks Animation, would be available on home entertainment for $19.99 the same day it was expected to hit theaters.

Additionally, while still playing at the cinemas, Blumhouse’s controversial thriller The Hunt and The Invisible Man will also be available to purchase early on demand.

The film is expected to cost $19.99 to buy on platforms such as Amazon and iTunes, and will be available for rental in April, the studio confirmed to Variety.

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