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Comment about Joker movie almost starts race fuelled brawl on BNE train

A man got assaulted on Brisbane train by a person of colour by suggesting that Joker should have killed Zazie Beetz character in the movie. Brawl almost ensued.

Update: Queensland rail are currently investigating the incident, and the victim is pressing charges.

All public transport was free on until 5AM on New Year’s day to ensure people got home safely after celebrating. However, that was not the case for one man who was physically assaulted by a person of colour for a comment he made about the Joker movie.

Did you know?

6 random strangers who were heading home from celebrating New Year’s Eve in Brisbane city met on an Ipswich bound train early on Tuesday morning. The fellas had a great weekend prior and were cheerful.

Queensland trains, New Year's Eve

Zazie Beetz comment in Joker. Racist brawl on train. Man assaulted.

The six guys, although a little bit loud, were talking bout everything and nothing at the same time. The lads started talking about cars when the conversation sort of segued into the movie Ford v. Ferarri, which one of the guys claimed to be better than Joker. Racist brawl almost kicked off. Full story ahead.

“I’m not really into cars but Ford v. Ferrari is an epic movie. It’s got everything,” said the 30-something man who later got assaulted.

The rest of the group peacefully disagreed with them and brought up the leaked Joker script which ultimately revealed the fate of Bruce Wayne and Joker’s imaginary girlfriend.

Joker killed young Bruce Wayne in script

“The original Joker script was so dark and they were just like ‘f*** it, let’s have the Joker kill young Bruce Wayne, but Warner Bros were like, ‘no!'”

This prompted a dicussion about the fate of Zazie Beetz character and how it made no sense that the Joker didn’t kill her off. “Joker lets her live but kills some guy on live TV? She was the reason he realised he was bat-shit crazy, killing her should have been the beginning of his dark descent into madness.”

Guy sitting opposite him, not knowing the name of the actress, asked who Zazie Beetz was. When the guy answered, “the black actress who played Joker’s imaginary girlfriend,” a person of colour got up from his seat and stormed towards the group of 6.

Person of colour responds with violence at idea of killing of Zazie Beetz

“You skinny white inbreds have no idea what you are talking about. America this, Batman that, black this. Are you guys f***ing retarded?” The guy shouted. “Everybody on this train wants you dumb white f**** to shut up.” The rest of the train, however, including me, looked away awkwardly.

The group asked exactly what it was they said that he disagreed with and invited him to sit down and join the discussion to which he responded with, “f*** off you racist white trash piece of sh*t, nobody knows what the f*** you are talking about.”

Zazie Beatz is Joker's imaginary girlfriend

Comment about Joker almost starts racist brawl on train, ends in assault on Ipswich train.

The group immediately resounded in defence claiming that the person calling the white people racists was the only person bringing race into the issue.

The guy dressed in a white shirt and maroon pants sighed and told the angry person of colour to return to his seat. He approached him and put his face right up against his, “say that to my face, I dare you.” The guy didn’t hesitate and repeated himself and got assaulted immediately afterwards.

Guy gets assaulted for opinion on Joker movie

Joker comment ends in assault. The person of colour headbutted the sitting guy in the nose and the people he was sitting with immediately rose up to defend him, one guy even grabbing onto the handle bars and swinging his feet all the while screaming racial slurs and telling him to back off.

A bunch of people gathered around the person of colour in attempts to calm him down but he got more aggressive so they forcefully removed him at the next stop.

A group of Sudanese teenagers had heard the racial slur as they entered the train and also approached the guys. The guy who got assaulted stood up, apologised and said that this all a huge misunderstanding and the guy who shouted the racial slur wrongfully responded with hate after being called a white inbred and being attacked.

Sudanese kid threatens to stab white guy

All but one of the Sudanese boys accepted the apology. They shook hands and wished each other a happy new year, but the guy wearing a bandanna branded a pocket knife and threatened to stab the guy if he touched him.

At the next stop the man who got assaulted got off the train as well as the Sudanese boy who threatened to stab him. Fortunately, there was no violence at the stop and the person, allegedly, made it home safely.

Queensland Rails failed to respond, passengers act instead

This incident happened at 5:30AM on the Ipswich train in Queensland, Australia. We’ve reached out to Queensland Rail for surveillance footage and a response to why there staff members did not respond to the violence.

New Year's Even BNE, 2019

Joker comment almost starts racist brawl on NYE. Man assaulted on Ipswich train.

The accosted man assured his comments about Zazie Beetz in the Joker were not racist and others on the train agreed. If you were catching the Ipswich train at 5:30AM on New Year’s day and witnessed the incident or the Joker comment assault please contact us.

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