Michael Moore glorified a school shooting and simped for killer teens

Michael Moore, documentarian and activist, prides himself exposing the world’s corruption, but he’s responsible for some of its evil.

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There’s no way of spinning the fact that the anti-Capitalist political activist film maker known as Michael Moore exploited the death off innocent students for profit while glorifying two killer teens Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris in his documentary Bowling for Columbine.

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I was a young teenager when I heard about the tragic shooting at Columbine High School that took the lives of 13 innocent people; 12 students and 1 teacher. I, like many others, blamed guns on the killings and not the actual killers.

A few years later I saw a documentary on the shooting called Bowling For Columbine. The documentary was made by the political activist filmmaker Michael Moore. When I first saw the documentary it really resonated with me because throughout high school I was the weirdo introvert, much like Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris.

Killers: Klebold and Harris victimised and glorified.

My perspective changed a lot after watching Bowling For Columbine. I no longer saw Klebold and Harris as two cold blooded killers, but as victims.

Michael Moore
Dylan Klebold

Perhaps, in some way, they were, but Moore’s documentary took things even further by saying that the real victims of the shooting kind of had it coming. Why? Because they were Christians, jocks and bullies.

I didn’t realise the impact the documentary had on me to begin with, it wasn’t until I saw it manifest in others online. On certain chat forums these two killers were almost worshiped as martyrs for atheists and metal heads. Their actions were seen, by large, as a form of activism or war against Christians. It was like the documentary had inspired people to be more like the shooters.

Michael Moore
Eric Harris

Fast forward many years and there has been a lot more school shootings. And, in most cases, the shooters in some way, shape or form related to the killers.

Bowling for Columbine inspired a shooter.

In 2017 a 24-year-old man named Randy Stair with severe mental issues shot and killed four people (including himself) in Weis Markets supermarket in Eaton Township, Pennsylvania.

Randy Stair had documented all the moments leading up to the shooting and uploaded them to YouTube. It was clear that this guy had severe mental problems; he identified as a ghost cartoon animal of his own creation.

During one of his videos Randy Stair talks about his fascination with death and how Michael Moore’s documentary Bowling For Columbine changed his life for ever. He admitted to romanticising Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris and considered them both heroes and victims after seeing Moore’s documentary.

Stair wanted to be like them. He wanted Michael Moore to make a documentary on him. He had already filmed and edited a lot of footage himself that he believed could be used in the documentary.

Michael Moore
Michael Moore

Then, on June 8th 2017, he went to work at Weis Markets in Eaton Township, Pennsylvania, and murdered 3 people in cold blood before taking his own life.

Made USD$49 million, didn’t donate any of it.

I just recently re-watched Bowling For Columbine and couldn’t believe that this film was released internationally. The film grossed USD$49 million at the box office and he didn’t donate a single cent to the school, the families of the victims, or any related causes. He hoarded that money.

Understanding a little bit more about US politics I started seeing the hard left politics at play and, only then, realised that not only did Moore exploit and capitalise this tragedy, he also politicised it.

He pushed the same talking points: guns are bad, mental health is not real, Christianity is evil, being edgy and worshipping the devil is cool. All this tied together with the message declaring these two murderers as the real victims and insinuating that the kids at Columbine pretty much deserved it for being Christian.

Michael Moore
Graphic Bowling for Columbine poster

Looking back at the promotional poster for the documentary with hindsight is incredibly disturbing. It reveals a cartoon depiction of one of the students wearing a 2nd amendment shirt, carrying the American flag, with a bullet hole in the middle of his forehead… almost like he is making fun of or even worse… celebrating it.

Michael Moore’s Bowling For Columbine documentary did more harm than good and it is directly responsible for inspiring a shooting that ended in 3 innocent people dying.

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