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Mulan Live-Action makes less than $100 at box office, coming to Disney+

The Disney live-action remake of Mulan only made $100 USD on the international box office, Disney might cut their losses and release it on Disney Plus.

Before it even releases Mulan was already shrouded in controversy. The new live-action remake would not at all resemble the Disney classic, but instead be a more accurate retelling of the classic Chinese folktale.

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Disney allegedly felt pressure from the Chinese Communist Party to scrap the fairy-tale elements and make it more like the original folktale. Unfortunately, even after meeting China’s demands on Mulan, the movie did not get released in China.

The march 27th cinematic release date was delayed indefinitely in China due to the coronavirus pandemic and then only received a limited release in the few cinemas that were still open during the outbreak.

Mulan Live-Action makes less than $100 at box office, coming to Disney+

Although Disney projected the film to make USD$ 80 million on the opening weekend despite coronavirus fears, Mulan did not pull in an $80 million on opening weekend. Instead, Disney’s most expensive live-action remake with a budget of USD$200 million, only earned a measly $100 on the international box office during the premiering weekend making the film a complete write off.

It’s been almost two weeks since Mulan premiered and it is now only sitting at USD$875 which is most likely due to a mixture of bad press and the COVID–19 lockdown.

Disney will most likely fast track the film to its popular streaming service ‘Disney Plus’ much like they are doing with Artemis Fowl which was due for cinematic release next month, May 29th.

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