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Nobody wants Captain Marvel merch even at a heavy discount

Stores all across Australia are having difficulty moving Captain Marvel merch and have heavily discounted stock and it still isn’t selling.

If you did some late Christmas shopping you would have been hard pressed in finding merch of your favourite Avengers — however, there was an abundance of Captain Marvel merchandise available at a heavily discounted price… even on Christmas eve.

Did you know?

Nobody wants Captain Marvel merchandise. Even JB HiFi and Target Australia are pushing her merch so hard that they cut the price down by almost 70%. Pop Vinyl figurines could be found packing shelves for as little as AUD$6.00 when her heroic counter-parts were selling for AUD$18.00.

Despite the awesome discount retailers were still having a hard time trying to sell the her merch. People were far more interested in Spider-Man, Captain America, and Iron Man gear.

Captain Marvel pop vinyl merch

Nobody wants Captain Marvel merch.

It also didn’t help that the new Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker gear dropped just before Christmas, too.

Unfortunately it seems that most people have forgotten about poor Carol Danvers after Avengers: Endgame. The hype is now seemingly focused on Black Widow’s origin story, especially after Disney dropped the awesome trailer for the upcoming super-hero epic.

Home media sales didn’t even live up to the impressive box office numbers as the movie was considered a financial flop for a flagship Marvel movie. Even Black Panther smashed her home media sales figures.

Is AUD$6.00 a good deal for a her pop vinyl figurine or are you not interested in the superhero at all? Leave your comments below.

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