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Russell Crowe goes UNHINGED in creepy promo for new movie

Aussie Actor Russell Crowe shared a promo video clip for his latest film Unhinged and fans are equally scared and thrilled.

Russell Crowe is absolutely terrifying in his new intense thriller movie Unhinged, and he gave people a taste of the insanity with a short clip he posted on Twitter.

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Haven’t heard of Unhinged here in Australia or anywhere else? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. The film was supposed to release just before — you know what — and then sadly all promotions for the film got buried under breaking news. But, hey, it’s out now!

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Unhinged is a psycho a thriller about a mother and son who happen to piss off the wrong guy in a fit of road rage. What ensues is two-hours of some of the most intense and anxiety inducing cinema.

Russell Crowe plays the role of a man who has lost it all, and his performance, while amazing, is absolutely terrifying.

Russell Crowe body in Unhinged

Russell Crowe’s Unhinged transformation is shocking.

Unhinged sits somewhere in the middle of Falling Down, History of Violence, and Arlington Road. But don’t take our word for it, the 56-year-old Aussie actor will tell you.

“You know those days when you’ve done a bunch of promo, station identifications, shout outs and answered the same questions over and over and you think to yourself … let’s just have a bit of fun now,” Crowe tweeted along with a creepy little promo video.

The video shows Russell Crowe standing in front of the beastly Ford pickup truck he drives in Unhinged talk about “the movie going experience” before he abruptly goes into character simply known as “The Man.”

After scaring the pants off his viewers, Crowe sneakily ads, “off you go,” suggesting you go see his new movie or else… and, if you like intense thrillers, you should definitely go.

Unhinged is out in most open cinemas across Australia. If the restrictions aren’t too tight in your area, give yourself a break, and go check it out.

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