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There’s a Last of Us movie coming next year and it looks like bad cosplay

According to IMDb there’s a film adaptation of the popular videogame coming in January, 2020. It looks terrible and cringey.

A quick search on IMDb will show that there is a Last of Us film slated to release on the January 1st, 2020. Further more, the film even credits Naughty Dog heavyweights Niel Druckmann and Bruce Straley on its poster and in its production.

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However, upon closer inspection we discovered that, despite using officially Naughty Dog names in the credits, the film is nothing more than a low budget 4 minute short, or rather fan movie, produced by an unheard of studio called Electronic Earth.

The reason why Niel Druckmann and Bruce Straley are even credited at all is because it is”based off of a scene from the hit 2013 video game developed by Naughty Dog and Sony Computer Entertainment.” The entire film is only 4 minutes long yet they decided to release a 30 second ‘teaser’ and it is terribly cringey.

Last of Us teaser video is cringe

Not to rag too much on the actors and their potential careers but this looks dreadful, or at least Joel’s part who is played by Duncan sage, can’t really comment on Jenna Katheryn (Jenna Anderson) as Ellie because all she does is stand there.

Duncan Sage does not fit the part of Joel at all, he’s not grizzled enough. He looks like a tech support guy or someone who writes for Kotaku, not a man whose has lost his entire family and had to brave the zombie apocalypse.

At the very best this looks like decent The Last of Us cosplay, but as a film, let alone fan film, it looks pretty cringey.

It seems like anyone with an IMDbPro account can add themselves and their movies, no matter how dodgy, to the database which is why it is now littered with a plethora of fan made films.

Fortunately a real The Last of Us movie is still in production and Evil Dead: Army of Darkness director Sam Raimi will most likely lead the charge.

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