The Independent claimed the only people who enjoy Alita: Battle Angel are internet trolls. That’s absolute nonsense. This is the real reason why fans love the movie to death.

Critics hate Alita: Battle Angel with a burning passion, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of the film, but rather political activism. The Independent wrote an article pretty much calling the entire Alita fan-base alt-right trolls; which is basically another way of calling someone a Nazi today. But why?

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It released around the same time Captain Marvel did and the majority of movie goers preferred Alita: Battle Angel over the Marvel epic. But for some reason the press thought that their opinions were the end-all, say-all, and they just couldn’t understand why so many people loved Alita: Battle Angel. So, to them, the only possible answer was “must be trolls”. The Independent article also claims that Alita fans are not really fans of the movie, but instead anti-feminist, anti-Captain Marvel fans.

This is all such silly nonsense. Alita: Battle Angel is a great movie. There is a lot to love about the movie, and there are plenty of things that ultimately just make it a much better film than Captain Marvel.

So, why do fans love Alita: Battle Angel? Here are five things that I absolutely loved about the movie.

5Alita: Battle Angel was respectful of source material

Alita is one of the most beloved Manga comic book series of all time and had a well established fandom way before the movie came out. So, making a western live-action adaptation of the series was extremely challenging. Most movies that have had a western live-action remake have not been well received, but director, James Cameron, wanted to make the greatest adaptation possible for one of the series biggest fans; his very own daughter.

Even the creator, Yukito Kishiro, was very impressed by the movie. “For the old fans who’ve been following the franchise and the IP [intellectual property] for a very long time, I think I can safely say that this movie really carries the core and the essence of what was in the original works,” he told “I think there’s a lot of reason to be excited and to stay tuned for what comes next.”