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Elon Musk tries to transition into the music industry with first EDM track

Space travel, solar panels, fast cars, and vacuum tunnels… is there anything this man hasn’t done yet? Music… until now. Elon Musk takes on the music industry with his first EDM track.

Elon Musk just released his first EDM (Electronic Dance Music) track entitled “Don’t Doubt ur Vibe” and many think that his musical girlfriend, Grimes, helped him lay down some beats… and it didn’t help. Fans are not really impressed.

Did you know?

“Music is the one area that Musk didn’t mess with, couldn’t he just leave it alone,” one disgruntled fan replied on Twitter, and it seems to pretty much sum up the general consensus for his musical endeavours.

Elon Musk shared his debut EDM track for free on the popular music sharing site, Sound Cloud; you can listen to the track below.

This self produced track is also self published by Elon Musk’s imaginary record label, Emo G Records.

It is likely that Elon Musk was just having a bit of fun messing around on his, now pregnant, girlfriend’s sound equipment and decided to release his Frankenstein’s monster into to wild. A clip shared by Grimes on her official Instagram page and captured by PopCrave shows Musk going hard and having a bit of fun making the track. It doesn’t seem like she is taking this seriously either.

So, don’t hold your breath for any new releases from Elon Musk and Emo G Records. This was probably only a once of thing.

What are your thoughts on DJ. Musk’s debut EDM track “Don’t Doubt ur Vibe”? Let us know in the comments below

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