Madonna, the former queen of pop, just ended her career, if it wasn’t over already. Her performance at Eurovision in Tel Aviv last night made that abundantly clear.

Eurovision has never been the stage that upcoming artists aspire to play on. It’s always been a bit of a novelty rather than a career milestone; a little like playing at your mates 21st while absolutely sloshed. So, if you find yourself there after a long, long perceived successful career, you know you’ve fallen far and hard.

Last night Madonna’s choice to perform at Eurovision became obvious. Her once booming career as the queen of pop has dwindled into nothing more than a sad political mouth-piece for a fringe of fundamentalists. Although I admire her passion to push for change, her message fell flat on its ass in Tel Aviv. It just seemed to create an akward atmosphere for those who just wanted to get drunk and listen to cheesy music.

But then again, Madonna’s Eurovision performance spoke volumes about her talents and gave me a better insight to her most recent decisions. Madonna just doesn’t have the lungs to be able to sing like she did, let alone carry a note. Madonna opened up with a well-loved classic Like A Prayer which was almost unrecognisable because of how pitchy her vocals were. She then she transitioned into one of her new tracks called Future; an unforgettable mess of a song that sounds like a 14 year old kid produced it on his laptop. Even her auto-tuned voice could not hide how terrible her voice was. Then again, not much could have saved that song.

Madonna Full Live Performance Eurovision 2019, Tel Aviv | Sausage Roll
Was Madonna drunk at Eurovision 2019?

So, perhaps Madonna decided to perform at Eurovision because she thought that her fading vocal talents would sound good compared to some of the amature singers there — or perhaps she is trying to salvage what little popularity she has left by pandering to today’s youth and echoing their political ideologies. Whatever the reasons, it’s not working.

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