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Fans petition to get Post Malone help after he collapses on stage on drugs

A concerned fan filmed Post Malone drop his microphone and stagger around too intoxicated to perform live and posted it on Tik Tok. Fans petition for the singer/rapper to get some help.

Post Malone may be one of the hottest music acts in the world right now but he’s also a hot mess. Fans have noticed a destructive pattern to his behaviour during his live performances. Sometimes he’s even too high to perform.

His drug addiction has been brought up before but the artist has insisted on continuing with his unhealthy and dangerous lifestyle.

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The American rapper is only 24 years old yet has accomplished so much in his career already, but things seem to be taking a turn for the worse.

A concerned fan filmed Post Malone drop his microphone and stagger around the stage before eventually retrieving it. “He seemed absolutely out of it, it was scary. It was like he didn’t even know where he was,” a worried fan expressed.

Post Malone Tik Tok video shows rapper drunk and/or on drugs.

Fans united on Twitter to try to get #PostMalone trending in hopes that his friends, including YouTubers Ethan and Hilla Klein, would see the video and encourage the rapper to get some help.

Post Malone drinking from dirty show

Fans petition to get Post Malone help after he collapses on stage on drunk.

A fan created a petition to get Post Malone some help only moments ago and it is quickly getting signatures. The petition even draws a scary comparison to Post Malone and Amy Winehouse who was often seen in a similar state during her last few performances.

Amy Winehouse died at the young age of 27 from drug and alcohol abuse.

The petition reads: “Recently Tik Tok users have posted videos of Post Malone clearly not okay, eyes rolling back, hardly able to stand, wobbly, etc. His fans want him to get help whether it’s a mental heath issue, an addiction issue, whatever it may be we support him and want to see him get better and healthier than ever.

There have been multiple videos comparing his performance to Amy Whinehouses [sic] last performance, we DO NOT want to see him get hurt, if that means taking time off from touring or preforming then we FULLY SUPPORT. His life is much more important to us than a last performance. We’re reaching out to his label and brands that support him as well. The people closest to him can do more than his concerned fans, this petition is a first step, we are asking those people to step up and get him the help he needs to live a happy healthy life.”

If you are concerned for Post Malone’s health please sign the petition and share this article with your friends and family and hopefully he can turn things around before it is too late.

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