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Justin Bieber accused of ‘chasing clout’ by ARMYS for congratulating BTS

Canadian pop-star Justin Bieber and popular Korean group Justin Bieber accused of ‘chasing clout’ by ARMYS for congratulating BTS released their albums only weeks apart and with both albums firmly sitting at the top of the charts Bieber took to Twitter to congratulate BTS.

However, ARMYS, the BTS fan group, weren’t happy that Bieber name dropped their favourite Korean boy band in his Tweet.

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Justin Bieber’s album ‘Changes’ debuted #1 in the Billboard 200 when it released on Valentine’s Day, 14th of February. Although the album was met with mixed reviews his single ‘Intentions’ shot up to 11th place.

Recently BTS released a video for their upcoming 2019 album ‘Map of the Soul: 7’ and the response online has been overwhelmingly positive.

Justin Bieber with BTS

Justin Bieber accused of ‘chasing clout’ by BTS ARMYS

Bieber took to Twitter to congratulate ‘his guys’ on the success of the video, but fans did not take kindly to his comment.

“Mainstream artist that nobody cares about trying to remain relevant by tagging BTS. Nobody cares about your or your music JB, go die,” a disgurntled BTS ARMYS member posted on Twitter.

This followed an onslaught of hateful and harsh comments against the record breaking, award winning 25-year-old singer/songwriter.

Eventually some considerate BTS fans were ashamed of the behaviour of those accusing Justin Bieber of ‘chasing clout’ fired back.

The BTS fan base had previously attacked him for not giving the group a proper shout out after one of the members promoted ‘YUMMY’.

Whats your take on the response of the BTS fan group? Fair call or unwarranted hate. Let us know in the comments below.

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