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Kanye West uses white square profile pic to condemn rioters and looters

World famous, award winning, rap artist Kanye West goes against the grain and changes his profile pic to a white square to condemn the Black Lives Matter looters.

While celebrities and big name brands are changing their profile pictures to black squares to show solidarity for the Black Lives Matter protesters, rapper Kanye west did the opposite; uses white square to condemn the violence, rioting and looting.

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The protests that were supposed to honour the memory and mourn the loss of George Floyd was supposed to be peaceful but has since changed into a nationwide violent riot.

Many stores, including small businesses, have been looted and residential homes burnt to the ground.

The riots have been even more damaging to the black community than the death of George Floyd as it has cost many hard working black Americans their jobs and has resulted in the death of many more.

Retired Police Captain David Dorn was shot dead on Facebook live for daring to suggest that people should not break the law and loot stores during the protests. A man filmed David Dorn lying on the streets and bleeding out from the gunshot wound shockingly stating: “We are better than this. You killed a man for a TV.”

While Hollywood celebrities and big name brands are supporting the violent protests, international superstar and best selling rapper Kanye West has condemned their actions.

To show a sign of solidarity of the movement people have been changing their profile pictures to black squares. However, Kanye West believes things have gone too far and now washing is hands from the protests by updating his profile picture to a white square.

Kanye West uses white square profile pic on YouTube to condemn rioters and looters.

Kanye West has changed his YouTube page profile picture to a white square and his background to blank white backdrop.

What do you think of Kanye West’s decision to go against the grain? Let us know in the comments below.

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