What the heck happened to AGT star Jayden Appleby?

Remember that kid that felt like he didn’t belong and then blew us away with his rendition of Kodaline’s “All I Want” on Australia’s Got Talent? What’s he doing today?

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Jayden won our hearts over with his performance on AGT last year, and it really seemed that kid had such a bright future ahead of him… but then he just disappeared from the spotlight. Where’d he go?

Did you know?

He didn’t really go anywhere. He is still doing what he did before he went on Australia’s Got Talent. He’s hanging with his friends and writing original tracks in the downtime… and they sound pretty awesome!

But that’s about it. The last time Jayden posted something on social media was right before Christmas. Since then his socials have gone dark.

We saw him give his heart and soul when he performed “All I Want” by Kodaline in front of millions of Aussies. It was that moment we knew this guy was going to be an international superstar. What the heck happened?

What happened to Jayden Appleby
What happened to Jayden Appleby from AGT?

It almost seems as though AGT chewed up him, milked him for his sad story, and then spat him out. Why hasn’t his music career been fast tracked by now?

Time is a valuable asset and it is paramount that Jayden Appleby gets his music out there. I have seen countless talented artist with so much potential just disappear because they didn’t bite the bullet and commit 100% to their music soon enough. Let’s hope that’s not the case for Jayden Appleby.

Make sure you check out his Souncloud and Instagram account to find out what happened to Jayden Appleby, and once you’re done doing that leave a comment below letting us know your thoughts on Jayden Appleby.

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