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One of the most underrated FPS games is now free with PlayStation Plus

Titalfall 2 didn’t do nearly as well it should have. It was praised by game journalists and gamers around the world. Now finally, everyone that has PS Plus can see why.

PlayStation Australia has this week revealed the official lineup of games available for PlayStation Plus members for the month of December. From December 3, PlayStation Plus members can look forward to piloting a Titan in the action adventure shooter Titanfall 2 and kicking up dirt on the racetrack in adrenaline-inducing racing title Monster Energy Supercross.

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Titanfall 2 received universal praise albeit a tad bit late. It’s one of those games that kind of just fell by the way side, and when people actually tried it they were blown away by it.

It’s actually no shock since the first game was amazing as well, although it received a bit of criticism for having a small lobby size and a lack of campaign mode. You could only play 6 v 6 which was considered unusually small for a first-person shooter. The devs worked around this by populating the game with bots that you could should to collect points. Still, although the lobby sized seemed small the titan fights were bloody epic and true fans were not bothered by it.

YouTuber calls it most underrated FPS he’s ever played

Then came Titanfall 2 and people were blown away. Repsawn Entertainment managed to create one of the most profound single player experiences all the while delivering an epic multiplayer game.

Then when Apex Legend launched the game received second wind. Apex Legend fans were quickly reminded by just how awesome Titanfall 2 was and flocked back to the game, thousands abandoning the free-to-play shooter.

Now Titanfall 2 is available, for free, to those who have PlayStation Plus. Don’t miss out!

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