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Pokemon Sword & Shield broken mess, #GameFreakLied trends on Twitter

Pokemon fans all around the world were hyped for the new Pokemon game after seeing a FULL HD trailer of the game online, but what they got was not what they expected.

The hashtag GameFreakLied is trending internationally on Twitter with close to 40,000 tweets. Why? Because on of the most hyped games this year turned out to be a huge disappointment. Fans claim the game is ugly and broken.

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Early copies of Sword and Shield, which is set to release on Nintendo Switch the 15th of November, are floating around and the early adopters have exposed the game for recycling assets, textures, and models. Something the developer promised they wouldn’t do.

A Reddit users who have early copies of Sword and Shield claimed on Reddit that a the majority of the game’s Pokemon models are pretty much identical to the ones used in 3DS Pokemon game that released in 2016, Sun and Moon.

Pokemon Sword and Shield broken: Reused, Recycled, Regurgitated

Rightfully, fans are outrages and took to Twitter with the hashtag GameFreakLied which is now trending with 40,000 tweets.

Are you still going to buy Pokemon Sword and Shield when it launches on the 15th of November or will you be giving this one a hard pass? Let us know in the comments below!

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