Australian Survivor 2019 trailer looks insane

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The new Australian Survivor 2019 trailer is out and we caught a glimpse of the new castaways and challenges. And, bloody hell, it looks insane!

The Australian Survivor 2019 trailer kicks off with a very fitting, goose-bump inducing, remix of Elton John’s I’m Still Standing. And from there, it just gets better. New castaways are teased. We are shown flashes of the new brutal challenges they will face… and then hear the voice of one of the contenders reminding us what it means to be a survivor.

If surviving a tsunami doesn’t prepare you for this, then I don’t know what will.

he use of neon text, slow motion action sequences and emotional voice-over made the trailer feel larger than life, or at least large than a reality TV show. It felt like I was watching a trailer to a Marvel super-hero movie; only with real heroes.

Watch the Survivor trailer

And heroes indeed. TV Blackbox was right, it seems. They leaked the castaway last month and, judging by the trailer, 3 of the 5 have already been confirmed.

Andrew Ettinghausen (E.T.)

Andrew Ettinghausen (E.T), Australian Survivor 2019 | Sausage Roll

“I’ve been knocked down many times. I know how to get up. I’ve made a business out that.” E.T., NRL legend turned fishing guru, tells us exactly how it is.

Susie Maroney

Susie Maroney, Australian Survivor 2019 | Sausage Roll
Susie Maroney on Australian Survivor

“I’ve broken records. You dare me to do something, I’ll do it.” Susie Maroney broke the world record when swimming the English Channel in 1990 in spite of cerebral palsy proving to us all she is a true champion.

Steven Bradbury

Steven Bradbury, Australian Survivor 2019 | Sausage Roll
Steven Bradbury on Australian Survivor

“I’ve been at the top of my sport… and I’ve been at the bottom. Will I be the last man standing on Survivor?” It may have been 17 years since Bradbury took home gold for Australia in the Winter Olympics, but he’s coming to Survivor to prove that still has that fighting spirit.

More Survivor castaways to be revealed

If the list is accurate then we are still waiting on the confirmation of AFL legend Simon Black and Looking For Alibrandi star Pia Miranda. I’m confident we will heat about them very soon!

Did you know?

Excited for the new season of Australian Survivor or are you tired of the whole ‘champion vs. contenders’ theme. We know there are a few people who want to see more fresh faces and less champions. What are your thoughts?

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