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Australian Survivor All Stars and Married at First Sight air on same day

Channel 9 and Network 10 are locking horns this year as they both are set to premiere their flagship reality shows on February 3rd. Which will you watch?

Australian Survivor and Married at First Sight, or MAFS for short, were two of last year’s most watched shows across the board. Both networks have revealed the premiere dates for their hit reality TV series and they will go head-to-head for ratings.

Did you know?

Channel 10 confirmed that from 2019 onward they will be filming two seasons per yea to sync the show up with its CBS American counter-part. This means Survivor fans can binge watch the American and Australian Survivor all year round.

Married at First Sight [MAFS], on the other hand, has had a few legal issues concerning ratings and classifications which they’ve had to deal which meant that producers have kept hush about the hit series… until now.

This year’s Australian Survivors All Stars is looking like it is going to be the biggest and best one yet especially with fan favourites returning for another shot at the cash prize money and the title of Australian Soul Survivor. Among some of the returning castaways are Jericho, Phoebe, David, and many others.

Tarzan talks about returning to Aussie Survivor

Australian Survivor All Stars and Married at First Sight are two of Australia’s most highly anticipated series and they are both premiering early February; on the same day, as a matter of fact. But, whether they go head-to-head against the prime time hour remains to be confirmed.

If it comes down to choosing between the two, which one will you watch live and witch one will you catch later on the app? Let us know in the comments below.

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