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Baby Jabba the Hutt is now officially the cutest thing on the web

Star Wars: The Mandalorian fan has the perfect response for baby Yoda (The Child), and it is his own 3D render of baby Jabba.

Baby Yoda was all that anyone talked about at the end of 2019, and that’s mostly because he was the most adorable creature in one of 2019 best shows; The Mandalorian.

Did you know?

Just when we thought things couldn’t get any cuter and avid Star Wars fan goes ahead and makes this:

Meet Baby Jabba. He’s the creation of Leonardo Viti (leovitiart on Instagram).

Kevin Burwick at MovieWeb thinks he looks a little like the baby from the short lived 90s television series Dinosaurs… I kind of agree, only baby Jabba is much cuter.

Baby Jabba looks like Baby Dinosaur.

Baby from Dinosaurs kinda looks like Baby Jabba,

Jabba the Hutt was the villain in Return of the Jedi; famously known for putting Princess Leia in chains and making her wear that golden bikini… anyone remember Slave Leia?

Baby Yoda, with his big eyes and big ears, looks a little like chihuahua, so that would make Jabba the pug. Personally, I’ve always found pugs to be infinitely cuter.

Fans are now calling for a Baby Muppet’s like Star Wars Disney Plus special featuring everyone’s favourite creatures in baby form… but I doubt it will happen.

Which of the two baby Star Wars critters do you find cuter? Vote in the poll above and leave your comment below letting us know which one you picked and why.

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