Billy Vincent: Susie and Todd Carney deserve each other

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Married at First Sight participant Billy Vincent tells us now that Susie Bradley and her fiancée Todd Carney have moved to Byron Bay, impeding on his turf, he’s not too thrilled.

Billy Vincent put his life on hold and took a gamble on love on channel 9’s hit reality TV show, Married At First Sight. Unfortunately he was dealt a bad hand and left the show with nothing more than his dignity.

6 months on Billy Vincent has found love and is fitter, healthier and happier than he’s ever been. Billy’s career as a personal trainer is taking off, and he’s enjoying the Byron Bay life with his girlfriend Lily Buhl.

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We managed to get Billy to open up about how the show changed him for better and worse, where he stands with the other Married at First Sight participants, Susie’s engagement to Todd Carney, and his love-life with Lily.

Billy Vincent tells all

Dianne Anders: “When we were first introduced to you on Married at First Sight you told us you that you’re sensitive guy, very in touch your emotions.  But, by the end of your time on the show, we saw a completely different person; you clearly distanced yourself emotionally and put up walls. Do you feel that the show has had an over-all negative or positive impact on your ability to open up to others?”

Billy: Vincent “I’m still that that exact same in-touch with their emotions guy that you saw on the show. I think all men are quite in touch with their emotions, it’s just if they chose to show it or not. I am really, really comfortable in my masculinity – I will say what I feel and that’s not going to change.”

“I think the show has actually helped me open up to others, it has given me a platform to open to others. Yeah – look – I am not scarred, or bruised, or anything from the show… I’m a bit pissed off but. *laughs*

Dianne: “I think I speak on behalf of all Australians when I say that it felt like a cruel joke to pair you with Susie.  Sure, opposites attract but the two of you together was like vinegar on ice cream.  Do you feel as if the professionals were trying to challenge you and toughen you up or that they paired you up with someone they knew you would not get along with for the ratings?”

Billy: “I’ve come to the complete realisation that they did set me up with a monster – uhh, for ratings *chuckles* – and it did make for one hell of a show. It really showed Australia how not to treat each other in a relationship – but yeah, at the price of me. I’m a little bit pissed off, they could have set me up with a really, really nice girl and it could have been a nice show… but no, that doesn’t get the ratings.”

“They paired me with Susie, well the explanation I got, she’s been treated bad by bad boys, she loved bad boys, and now she wanted to try a gentleman. She wanted to test out a gentleman. I was a gentleman, I was a bit of a soft touch. They saw me as a gentleman and Susie had been burned by the bad boys before, and said that I needed to be tested and she has a strong personality. So that’s allegedly why they paired us. But looking back, in hindsight, I think they paired us together because I had that soft touch and I was the only guy who would put up with her sh*t for more than a week… because nobody else would. *chuckles*

Dianne: “Are you and Susie on good terms today, or does she still refuse to talk to you?”

Billy: “I wouldn’t try to talk to that girl even if you paid me. We did press and everything and had to act like we were together but I am disgusted by that woman. A tiger can’t change its stripes.”

“I lost a few mates from last season because I refuse to have any contact with anybody who is a mutual friend of Susie’s. If they still have any contact with her I don’t want anything to do with them. We all saw what she did, she is a bully and has been a bully her whole life. So, yeah – I don’t want any part of it.”

Dianne: “In hindsight, do you think your experiment would have been a success if you were paired with any other participant on your season?”

Billy: “Initially after the experiment I thought it would have gone better if I was set up with any of the other women, but in hindsight, it’s been 6 months now, I don’t think I would have been romantically successful with any of them. I got some best friends out of it, though.”

Billy Vincent
Tamara Joy wanted a partner swap.

“I think she used me as a rebound.”

“I think it’s pretty well-known that Tamara and I had a bit of a romantic involvement for the last week of the experiment. But I think she just used me as a rebound or just exploring the option of a partner swap, but yeah, I wasn’t playing ball. I don’t want to partner swap ever.”

Dianne: “So you were lucky-in-love after all.  You are now dating Instagram model Lily Buhl.  Was it love at first sight?”

Billy: “Lily is a lot more than just an Instagram model. She is doing a university degree to be a primary school teacher and everything like that. And she is running for Miss World as well which is exciting – raising a lot of money for charity. And me and Lily actually started dating before the show came out.”

Billy Vincent
Lily Buhl and Billy Vincent share a cute selfie.

“I don’t really know about love at first sight, hey. Not really. I’m a bit weary these days, I’m not as naive and don’t wear my heart on my sleeve any more. Lily is lovely, and of course I was initially attracted to her, but yeah… *laughs*

Dianne: “Can you tell us a little about your first romantic experience with her?”

Billy: “Lily is a local in our area and I had been following her on Instagram for a quite awhile and I went into the bar that she works at – before the show aired or anybody knew I was on Married at First Sight – and I made my friend go up to order drinks because I was too scared to talk to her *laughs*. Then the next day I commented on one of her Instagram posts really cheekily, I don’t know what kind of confident mood I was in… but um, I said ‘thanks for the beer last night’ and then she slid into my DMs and then we went for a nice little cute first date at a quarry.”

Dianne: “Any plans on tying the knot with her?”

Billy: “No, not tying the knot just yet. I mean she’s young and I’m not going to tie her up, she’s got the whole world to see. And I’m not that kind of man, you know I don’t like lock my women up. *chuckles* Yeah, she’s got a lot more living to do.”

Dianne: “Now for the saucy stuff. You have that Mr. Nice Guy persona but we want to shake it up a bit for you.  Based on looks alone, tell us who you thought were the five most attractive ladies on your season.”

Billy: “Do you know what I found really attractive in the women in my season? The rare ones that had no cosmetic enhancements. The ones that didn’t spend 3 hours in front of a mirror getting ready, and the ones who just had a really nice personality.”

“So, in this order: Heidi, Ning, Jules, Elisabeth, Melissa, Cyrell. They are all very, very attractive people, and I’ve missed one… oh, and Lauren. I love Loz, she’s great! But they had a really nice personality and didn’t do anything to hurt anybody and that’s f**** attractive.”

Dianne: “That’s a bit more than five, but I’ll take it. You think Susie will be upset not to see her name on that list?”

Billy: “If you can find something that doesn’t upset Susie, let me know. But I couldn’t care less. Unfortunately, Susie has just moved 20 minutes up the road from me and does cosmetic enhancements for women just in Byron Bay, so in my backyard. She hated when she came her, but she’s here now… so f*** it. *laughs*

Dianne: “Maybe channel 9 will do their own version of neighbours in Byron Bay starring you and Susie.”

Billy: “God, I hope not.”

Dianne: “Anyway, thanks so much for your time, Billy!  But before we let you go, is there any advice you would like to give to young budding lovers and potential future MAFS participants?”

Billy: “Before signing up for MAFS, when you put your name on that dotted line remember it could be the school of hard knocks. You don’t know what you are in for so be emotionally ready because it might not be your dream woman or dream man. So, be open to that.”

Susie still loves bad boys

Not much has changed for Billy’s ex-wife, Susie Bradley, after the show. She allegedly told Married at First Sight producers that she is sick of dating bad boys yet only a few months after they wrapped up filming she announced her engagement to NRL player, Todd Carney.

Billy Vincent
Newly engaged: Susie and Todd Carney

Billy Vincent describes Susie’s new partner, Todd Carney, as someone ‘equally as special’. This might be a bit of an understatement, just look at Carney’s track record:

  • 2006: Drunk and reckless driving. Lost license for 5 years.
  • 2007: High-speed police chase. Abandoned vehicle and fled on foot.
  • 2008: Charged with assault for urinating on a person.
  • 2009: Charged with vandalism.
  • 2009: Reportedly injured a man by setting his clothes on fire.
  • 2011: Yet another drink driving charge and two counts of public intoxication.
  • 2014: Sacked after a photo of him gargling his own urine was circulated.

Susie’s taste in men is pure class; she sure knows how to pick them. Todd Carney seems just like the gentleman that she wanted in her season of Married at First Sight.

We are truly happy that she is in ‘full-blown’ love with Todd Carney. The only thing she might have to be careful of is her bridal shower turning into a golden shower. But then again, that might something she’s into.

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