Buffy Reboot: 6 great cast options for the new slayer

A new Buffy series is in production so, naturally, casting agents are desperately trying to find an actress fit to take over as everyone’s favourite slayer.

Last year 20th Century Fox confirmed that they had hired Monica Owusu-Breen to pen the script for their upcoming Buffy reboot. They also announced that Joss Whedon would act as the show’s executive producer and he will work alongside Owusu-Breen script-writing. However, fans are outright confused to whether the show will be a reboot or continuation of the original saga.

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Owusu-Breen did tell us that the new show would be based on “the current political climate”, and that it would be extremely diverse and inclusive. What exactly does that mean? Your guess is as good as ours. She did, though, express a strong interest in casting a person of colour to be the new Buffy.

Update: Is this the Angel reboot cast list?

This caused fans to passionately express concern over their beloved cult classic as they begged the showrunner not to ruin the show’s cannon with a Buffy reboot. To this, Osuwu-Breen responded with a very vague tweet.

It’s a Buffy reboot

Interestingly enough she opted to use the word replicate instead of replace. Not replicating what Whedon did could simply mean not retelling his story. It doesn’t necessarily mean that she wont use the character’s names in her own version. We know that the new show is called Buffy, so it would be pretty dumb not to include the I.P’s protagonist and namesake. Many shows have seen similar reboots; same name’s different characters, different stories… think Charmed and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Either way, I think I’ve made the job a little easier for Buffy’s casting agents. Here are 6 girls who would be great slayers nonetheless (in no particular order).

Editor’s note: These girls may not be the most likeliest choices and some may consider them underdogs, but they are definitely worthy of the role.

Sabrina Carpenter

Buffy reboot cast Sabrina Carpenter | Sausage Roll
Perfect casting choice: Buffy Summers embodied!

After seeing her as Maya Hart on Disney’s Girl Meets World I definitely noticed the makings of a young Buffy Summers. She is quirky, witty, stubborn and guarded. Maya would often hide her real life struggles and pains – like her father’s abandonment – behind a wall of cheeky jokes. Carpenter absolutely nailed this role. I would love to see her dust some vamps in the Buffy reboot!

Fun fact: Sabrina Carpenter is also a talented singer, so Joss Whedon would not need to auto-tune her voice if they ever did another musical episode.

Willow Smith

Willow Smith | Sausage Roll
She’ll whoop your ass back and forth!

Bet you weren’t expecting to see Willow Smith on this list. Hah! Have you met Willow? She has a rebellious-edge, is charmingly bubbly and actually knows how to kick-butt. That’s all the makings of a great slayer right there!

She may only have a little acting experience under her belt, but I don’t think that would stop her from putting on a great performance. After all, she comes from a family of good actors.

Peyton List

Buffy reboot cast Peyton List | Sausage Roll
She can kick and punch and she does it with style!

If you’ve seen her on YouTube’s Cobra Kai, you know why she is on the list. Not only is Peyton List a great actress, but she is also knows how to throw a punch, and she looks like a natural. She has fire and passion and likes to punch… she also looks the part!

Skai Jackson

Skai Jackson | Sausage Roll
She is has graduated from cute to cut-throat!

Some of you may know her as little adorable Zuri Ross from Disney’s Jessie and Bunk’d. Now Skai is all grown up. Her acting career aside, we can get a very real glimpse into her life through her YouTube channel. This is why I put her on the list.

Just like Buffy Summers, Skai Jackson has a soft exterior and is very cute, but she is also strong-willed and fierce. I can definitely see her staking some vamps.

Fun fact: Kai co-starred with Peyton List on Jessie and Bunk’d.

Dove Cameron

Buffy reboot cast Dove Cameron | Sausage Roll
From villain to the chosen one. Is Cameron fit for it?

Cameron is the lead actress in Disney’s Descendants. She plays Malificent’s daughter, Mal. She’s a villain and natural-born leader who takes charge of carrying out her mother’s evil plan. It must be extremely difficult playing a villain and a protagonist at the same time, not to mention doing it with such charm.

Cameron’s role as Mal deservedly got her a spot on the list. Mal’s demeanor reminded me of Buffy in season 2.

Amandla Stenberg

Amandla Stenberg | Sausage Roll
Stenberg most obvious casting choice for Buffy reboot?

Monica Uwuso-Breen did say she was looking to cast a person of colour as the new Buffy, and that she wanted to further diversify the character. Honestly, in that case, who is a better choice than Amandla Stenberg?

Stenberg has the most impressive portfolio on this list and is also the most fierce individual. Don’t be fooled by her soft looks! She is gay, proud, a powerful figure in the LGBTQ community and a passionate political activist.

If she is cast as Buffy Summers you can be certain that Buffy will be rewritten to fit Stenberg’s character. So, we might be getting a LGBTQ defending, alt-right fighting, black Buffy Summers.

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