Castaways who deserve a second chance on Survivor

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Now that Luke is returning to Australian Survivor, we are looking back at other castaways who deserve a second chance at becoming the Sole Survivor.

Fans were thrilled to hear that 2017 castaway and self proclaimed King of the Jungle, Luke, was returning. Now he has another shot at the title of Sole Survivor and a check for $500, 000 Australian Dollars. His bloke-ish charm and goofy sense of humour made him the fan favourite he is today.

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Hopefully this wont be a once and done type of thing because there are plenty of Australian castaways we would love to see return and truly deserve another shot at winning Australian Survivor.

Here are 8 castaways who deserve a second chance at competing for the title of Sole Survivor.

Nick (2016)

Nick from Australian Survivor | Sausage Roll

He was a little awkward and unsure at the start after lying to his tribe about finding an idol. But Nick transformed into a bit of an unlikely underdog in his season of Australian Survivor. His name kept popping up at tribal counsel but he still managed to dance his way around being voted out.

Nobody was expecting Nick to make it as far as he did, and for that reason Nick deserves another shot at the game.

Flick (2016)

Flick from Australian Survivor | Sausage Roll

This 23 year old bartender was incredibly switched on and played an impressive game. Perhaps it was being the youngest of five siblings that made her so adaptable. She never seemed lost or out of place, and even though she was a big player she was very inconspicuous.

I think Flick is far from being done with Survivor and we might just see her make a return in the not too distant future.

Phoebe (2016)

Phoebe from Australian Survivor | Sausage Roll

A bit of a controversial opinion here, but Phoebe should and would have won her season of Australian Survivor. She made the biggest and baldest moves and made it very far despite always being on the outs with her tribe. She took out the biggest players that year and was well on her way to the final two.

In the end it was her throwing Kristie, that season’s winner, under the bus that lead to her dirty laundry being exposed. Regardless, she played one of the most exciting games I have ever seen on Australian Survivor.

Mark H. aka Tarzan (2017)

Mark H. aka Tarzan| Sausage Roll

This 51 year old grandfather won the heart of every Australian who watched Survivor in 2017. He wanted to prove that you don’t have to lie, cheat and back-stab to win Australian Survivor. He lead by example and is one of the most selfless people to play Australian Survivor.

Unfortunately, his leadership skills and big bleeding heart painted a target on his back. He was perceived as a threat because nobody wanted to sit beside him in the final two.

Ziggy (2017)

Ziggy | Sausage Roll

A two-time Olympic athlete and two-time Olympic medallist, Ziggy (Nicola) was on a warpath in her season of Australian Survivor. She performed phenomenally in challenges and was adored by almost every other castaway.

Even her season’s super villain, A.K., trusted her enough to send her on a special reward to win a game changing advantage. Ziggy spent all night looking for the super immunity idol and managed to hide it from her tribe mates until she used it to blindside Annalise in epic fashion. She also won 3 individual immunity challenges in in a row making her the most fierce woman to play Australian Survivor.


A.K. | Sausage Roll

I don’t think I know a person who doesn’t hate A.K., but the reason he is hated is because he is so good at the game. Although he came off a little too eager to play on the first day, he quickly settled into his role and grew to be one of the most dangerous castaways.

If he’s given another chance, I am sure A.K. can make it to the end. It was a case of cold-feet that really messed up his chances of winning.

Henry (2017)

Henry | Sausage Roll

Henry’s game-play was some of the best I’ve seen on Australian Survivor. This tradie pretended to be a yoga instructor to win over his female tribe mates — and it worked like a charm.

Right off the bat, Henry made some big moves. He had made strong alliances in both tribes. If he didn’t try to go behind Jericho’s back Henry probably could have made it to the end. Maybe we will see him return one day.

Damien Thomlinson (2018)

Damien Thomlinson | Sausage Roll

This former war veteran proved he was serious contender despite his disabilities. Damien lost both of his legs while serving in the special forces in Afghanistan.

I am not a hero. I survived. I am alive because of heroes.

Damien was a challenge beast and a camp contributor. He was voted off way to soon because of some dumb decisions made by his tribe. They voted him off because he felt like he would win the jury because of his story, and this was the second tribal! Damien deserves another shot at the title.

Did we miss someone? Are there other castaways who deserve a second chance at Australian Survivor who are not on this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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