The new Australian Survivor promo might have shed some light on the new castaways, but there might be one huge surprise in store yet to come. The announcement of a American Survivor legend.

CBS will be sending another American castaway to compete in Australia, but if Russel Hantz couldn’t handle the heat could the other American Survivor legends?

If the last season of Champions vs. Contenders is anything to go by then we should be expecting a shock announcement of an American Survivor legend. Last season, Survivor Villain, Russel Hantz was introduced as a champion of Australian Survivor to everyone’s surprise. We also know that the new promo was only teasing us by revealing a few of the new castaways. Since then 5 more castaways have been revealed making it 4 champions and 4 contenders. This means only a half of this season’s cast have been revealed, at least.

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A season of American Survivor usually feature between 16-20 castaways. Last year channel 10’s Australian Survivor jacked that up to a whopping 24 contestants. So, we could be waiting for another 16 players to be revealed.

Allegedly, Simon Black, Aussie Rules legend, and TV’s Pia Miranda – most of us remember her as the star of Looking for Alibrandi – are confirmed contestants that are yet to be announced. But the word apparently heard from the mouths of the producers suggest we may be seeing the return of an all-time favourite Survivor.

Pia Miranda, Australian Survivor 2019 | Sausage Roll

According to sources, a deal was struck with CBS and Australian Survivor during the acquisition of Channel 10 which extended casting calls to former American castaways. Does that mean we are definitely getting an American castaway every season, or even next season? No…

However, channel 10 are funneling a lot of money into Survivor as now it is considered the network’s flagship show. 10 have already ordered two new seasons to be filmed this year, proving that they’re going all-in on the hit reality TV series.

American Survivor legends

Now that CBS owns channel 10 Australian Survivor is no longer just a franchised version of the series and CBS have huge stakes in the series success. This means they may want to inject some excitement to boost the ratings and send some American Survivor legends our way. But, let’s be honest… these legends don’t stand a chance against us Aussies; even Russel Hantz couldn’t handle the heat!

Here are 8 American Survivor legends we might see on the next season of Australian Survivor.

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