Cracka creator hyped that series may inspire real violence on white people

Cracka creator Dale Resteghini replied to an Instagram comment fearing that the show will result white people dying with hype and approval.

“Cracka” is a highly controversial low budget ‘revenge porn’ series that shows an alternative version of American history where the black people enslave, rape, and murder the white people.

NEWS: Controversial new series Cracka glorifies violence against white people.

Although some people claim that the new series doesn’t glorify violence against whites the show’s creator, Dale Restighini, has emphasised that he wants his fans to cheer when the show’s antihero, a white Neo-Nazi, is brutalised by a gang of black slave owners.

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The trailer for the upcoming Amazon Prime and iTunes series even has a threatening tone and addresses the white viewers personally with messages such as, “what if we raped your white daughters?”

The new series, without a shadow of a doubt, is divisive and extremely racist revenge porn, that has now been confirmed with a comment from the actual creator of the show wherein he showed excitement and approval of a comment that warned that his series might actually result in death of white people.

A concerned follower commented on the trailer that Resteghini posted on his Instagram (reelrage) saying, “a lot of white folk are going to get killed if this gets released,” to which he replied to with a series of 100 emojis.

Dale Restighini Cracka hypes white deaths

Cracka creator Dale Resteghini (reelrage on Instagram) hyped that series may inspire real violence on white people.

According to the 100 emoji is used in digital communication to express or emphasise achievement, support, approval, and motivation. It also generally means “absolutely.”

Dale Resteghini seemingly assumed the comment was from an angry Black Lives Matter activist and was pandering to him by showing support for a violent uprising. Shortly after releasing his mistake he hid the comments and replies to all of his Instagram posts.

Cracka creator and director Dale Resteghini (reelrage) poses for photo on Instagram.

According to the comments of the trailer posted on our YouTube channel (go subscribe) a lot of people are excited to see white people harmed in the upcoming racist series Cracka.

Mesha Russel commented: “This trailer is soooo satisfying! I cannot wait to see it.. Hahahaaaa!”

What are your thoughts on the Cracka showrunner’s hyping up a comment that the show will result in the death of white people? Let us know in the comments below.

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