Is 8 episodes enough for Veronica Mars season 4?

Veronica Mars is back with her 4th season and, for the most part, it ticks all the boxes for returning fans. But its pacing is a bit slow. Is 8 episodes enough for Veronica Mars season 4?

Veronica Mars takes place 5 years after the movie. Life seems quiet for Veronica and her dad. It’s the same old when it comes to life’s struggles; money seems to be an issue so Veronica and Keith Mars are taking obnoxious jobs to make-ends-meet. But then the town of Neptune is thrown into chaos as spring-breakers are murdered left, right and center.

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Fan will be pleased to know that the new limited series feels as if it is a natural extension of the saga and does not come across like a half-arsed attempt at miking the beloved franchise for what its worth. Veronica Mars season 4 hits home and will definitely tickle the fancy of die hard fans. But that’s not to say that the show has its faults.

The first thing that kind of caught me off guard was the new introduction. Although I really liked it, it just did not seem to fit this season’s feel or aesthetic. The fluorescent neon undertones and the slow rotating models of the main cast feels a bit derivative of Netflix original intros. It doesn’t really give off Neptune vibes but rather comes across a little downtown L.A. noir-esque. But Chrissie Hynde’s rendition of The Dandy Warhols classic “We Used to Be Friends” gave me goosebumps!

My biggest concern about the show is its pacing. There are only 8 episodes that run at 40 minutes each, and the plot hasn’t been clearly established after the second episode. To say the Veronica Mars season 4 has a slow start is a bit of an understatement. It fails to grab from the get-go, but fortunately Rob Thomas’s writing is able to keep you watching. At this point in time, I care very little for the plot because I care enough about the characters.

Kristen Bell in Veronica Mars | Sausage Roll

Veronica Mars season 4 may not be as dark as Kristen Bell led us to believe – heck, they don’t even swear (decision made by HULU) – but it is a worthy return for the classic show that both fans and newcomers will thoroughly enjoy.

Veronica Mars season 4 premieres on the 27th of July on Stan and Hulu.

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