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Lizzie from MAFS gets massive back tattoo to hide weight loss scars

Elizabeth Sobinoff’s massive new back tattoo serves two purposes: two look awesome and to cover unwanted weight loss scars.

It’s no big secret that Lizzie Sobinoff has lost a lot of weight since we first saw her on MAFS 19, that kind of weight loss surely would leave visible marks… but Lizzie has a clever strategy to conceal them.

Did you know?

The difference between 2019 Lizzie and 2020 Lizzie is night and day. She was never a big girl, just a little curvy, but on-screen comments from her reality hubby were enough to have Lizzie drastically change her image.

Many agree that Elizabeth Sobinoff, better known as Lizzie from MAFS, looked stunning when she first appeared on channel 9’s hit reality show, Married at First Sight, and are now concerned for her health because she is super skinny.

Lizzie from MAFS gets massive back tattoo.

Perhaps this time around she would have heard something about the scars from her weight loss as it seems though her new tattoo serves the purpose in hiding them. If that is the tattoos intended purpose then Monty G. Tattoos did a great job… it looks bloody classy!

Regardless, the new Lizzie tattoo is kick-ass. It appears to be a series of stacked magic books with spider crawling down them and a butterflies fluttering above; kind of has a Harry Potter feel to it.

Excited for the new season of Married at First Sight that is set to premiere on channel 9 on February 3rd? Let us know in the comments below!

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