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Lizzie shouldn’t have been allowed back on MAFS for health reasons

The last season of Married at First Sight clearly had a massive psychological impact on Lizzie as she’s lost an unhealthy amount of weight since then. Returning to TV might do her more harm than good.

It was painful to see how Elizabeth was treated on the last season of Married at First Sight (MAFS for short). She was paired up with a shallow womanising douchebag who would body shame and cheat on her. Obviously that traumatised Lizzie enough for her to drastically change her appearance.

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Did you know?

There was absolutely nothing wrong with Elizabeth’s appearance in MAFS 2019; tall girls usually have some curves. But her on-screen husband would take every opportunity to rag on her weight and completely avoided her during the honeymoon segment of the show only to return for the final dinner date to cheat on her with bat-shit crazy Ines Basic.

Elizabeh Eliza Sobinoff weight loss

Elizabeth “Lizzie” Sobinoff, MAFS 2020 (Instagram LizaELizzieElizabeth)

It’s fair to say that Lizzie really didn’t get a shot at finding love last season so it makes sense to invite her back, but she has lost an unhealthy amount of the weight since then.

Elizabeth is borderline anorexic

You don’t need to be a doctor to notice that Liza just doesn’t look healthy. She doesn’t look deathly sick, or anything, but when you compare her new Instagram pictures to her old ones you can see that she’s lost an incredible amount of weight and looks a lot unhealthier now.

But is Elizabeth anorexic? It really wouldn’t surprise me if she is. In each picture she looks thinner and thinner and that can’t be right. Her clothes don’t even sit on her probably any more.

Is Elizabeth anorexic?

Elizabeth “Lizzie” Sobinoff, MAFS 2020 (Instagram LizaELizzieElizabeth)

Concerns have previously been raised about Elizabeth’s weight loss and after worried fans reached out to her about not seeing her eat, she posted a picture of herself with a plate of food… but not hers!

It may be a bit too late because the MAFS — do doubt — has probably already been filmed, but hopefully someone at channel 9 noticed her drastic body transformation and offered her some professional help and monitoring during filming.

What are your thoughts? Does Elizabeth look fine or has she lost an unhealthy amount of weight? Let us know in the comments below.

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