Pia Miranda spotted on Survivor, but she’s a Contender?

We (kinda sorta) spotted Pia Miranda in the latest teaser that was posted on the Australian Survivor Twitter page. Why the heck is she on the Contender’s Tribe?

Melbourne born starlet Pira Miranda was confirmed to be one of the big names competing on Australian Survivor this year. But despite the early, leaked, confirmation there has been no official word from channel 10 on her involvement. But a video posted on the official Australian Survivor Twitter account shows a few seconds of someone that looks an awful lot like her… but she’s on the Contender’s Tribe.

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I think everyone kind of expected her to be on the Champion’s Tribe considering all of her life accomplishments. She has starred on classic Australian television shows like Neighbours, All Saints, and The Secret Life of Us. She was also the lead in the Australian cult classic film Looking for Alibrandi.

  • Fun fact: Australian Survivor host, Jonathan LaPaglia’s brother played her father in Looking for Alibrandi.

Maybe she decided she wanted to compete with with the plebeians or perhaps this shot was taken after a tribe merge. It might also not be her… but I am pretty sure it is. Take a look for yourself.

Pia Mirana as a contender in Australian Survivor | Sausage Roll
Pia Miranda in Australian Survivor.

Can you spot her? She’s tiny and in the bottom left corner! I’ll admit, I’m reaching a bit. But I almost positive, after seeing the video, that that is Pia Miranda. The hair, height, and complexion all seem to match. What do you guys think?

Pia Miranda will turn 46 on June 15 but she stool looks as great as ever, and I have no doubts that she will kick butt on this season of Survivor. Rudy Boesch was 75 years old when he hit the beaches of Panama in Survivor: All-Stars (Season 8), making him the oldest person to ever play Survivor.

Did you know?

Australian Survivor’s air date is most likely set for early August so there is still plenty of time for channel 10 to reveal more castaways. Who knows, we might even see an American Survivor legend this season. All we can really do now is wait and see.

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