POLL: Did Hannah’s nude bungee jump cross the line?

On the last episode of The Bachelorette Hannah and Garret went bungee jumping… naked. The question is, did she take things too far or are people overreacting?

Last time we asked if you thought Hannah should have sent Luke P. home and the response was overwhelmingly ‘yes’. In spite of Jed Wyatt’s secret scandal, Luke P. is still the most disliked suitor in this season of The Bachelorette. But regardless, was he right to confront Hannah on the activities of her date with Garret?

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The advice, or rather warning, that the rest of the guys gave Luke P. was “stay in your lane” and from the little we’ve seen, it seems that Luke P. has done just that. Of course it’s up for debate whether Luke’s actions were infringing on the rules laid down by the other lads. Did Garret intentionally reveal the intimate details of his date to make the others guys – specifically Luke P. – jealous? If so, is that him still staying in his lane? And is opening up about how you feel about other’s dates “throwing others under the bus”?

Garret got naked with Hannah for a bungee jump | Sausage Roll
Garret on Hannah B’s season of The Bachelorette

The last episode brings a lot of questions to the surface. How far is too far? And did Hannah cross the line when she stripped butt naked with another guy. I may be wrong but I assume most people would not be happy if their partner, or even just the person you were falling for, did a nude activity with someone else; sexual or not.

Hannah’s nude bungee jump forced by producers?

Was Hannah’s nude bungee jump date forced by producers? It is important to understand that the dates are planned by the producers and not the bachelor or the bachelorette. So, Hannah’s shock reaction to finding out that it was nude bungee jumping was probably genuine. It would have forced her into an uncomfortable situation which would have been extremely difficult to walk away from. In that case, it almost like both Hannah and Garret were forced to strip.

With that said, the question still lingers; did the show take it too far by making the two of them bungee jump together in the nude? Was it perhaps a ploy to spice things up?

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Was naked bungee jumping a little too much?Hannah and Garret went bungee jumping naked in Latvia. Regardless of Bachelor Politics, do you think she crossed the line?

I completely understand that this is a bit of a loaded question and a simple yes or no answer just doesn’t cut it. So, feel free to express your honest opinion in the comments below.

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