Bean, Elfo and Luci returned to Netflix last Friday in part 2 of Disenchantment and to celebrate we’ve picked the best and worst Bean cosplayers.

Cosplay is a form of art that takes great skill to master. Not only does one need to interpret animation into live action by creating a believable real life version of an animated character, but they also need to have the skills to tailor costumes that don’t seem tacky.

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Disenchantment is a satirical fantasy sitcom created by the creative mind behind The Simpsons and Futurama, Matt Groening. Set in the medieval fantasy kingdom of Dreamland, the series follows the story of Bean (Princess Tiabeanie), a rebellious and alcoholic princess, her adoring elf companion Elfo, and her mischievous “personal demon” Luci.

Beanie is quickly becoming one of our favourite fantasy characters, so to celebrate the release of part 2 of Disenchantment on Netflix we’ve picked out 6 great and not-so-great Beanie cosplay pictures.

Disclaimer: The last three pictures are not the worst pictures we found, but rather weak attempts from otherwise great cosplayers. We just expected a little more from them. Also, if the Instagram embeds don’t load, please read this article at our actual website.

5Veronika Kukresh, @nika_enot

Nika seems to have captured Bean’s facial expression perfectly. The make-up is also on point with the freckles and the typical red-cheeked drunkard look. And although there isn’t much to Beanie’s outfit, it still looks like she put in some effort. If you take a look at some of her other cosplay costumes, it is clear this girl knows what she’s doing. My only real criticism is the fake buckteeth, it wasn’t really necessary.