American Survivor is about to conclude its 38th season (at least, here in Australia — shh, no spoilers). There have been many amazing contestants on the show in the past, but this season’s player, Rick Devens, is probably the best player thus far; and also the most likable too!

What is it about Devens that makes him so likable exactly? It’s because is just too dang relatable. When it comes to Survivor, Devens stands out like a sore thumb; he is not exactly the fittest contestant and certainly not the most discreet, being 6 foot something tall.

He formed an early alliance and bromance with Survivor veteran David Wright and has remained loyal to it from the start. After his buddy, David, got sent to extinction island he has had a target on his back ever since. Yet, every episode he seems to beat all odds and secure his immunity, either by winning challenges or finding idols. And, in spite of being on the outs with the rest of the survivors, he still has a sunny disposition and pulls of some of the biggest move the game has seen in all 38 season with a big goofy smile on his face.

We are currently waiting for the season finale to air on Channel 9 here in Australia, but going in the finals Devens still has an immunity idol in his pocket guaranteeing him a spot in the top 4; that is if Jeff Probst doesn’t turn the game on its head with yet another huge twist.

If you missed any episodes, you can catch up on the 38th season of American Survivor on Channel 9’s video streaming app for free here.