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Tash is MAFS first lesbian bride but who will she be paired with?

Tash came out loud and proud on the first episode of Married at First Sight Australia and has her eyes set on one of the brides. Who will she end up with?

Tash talked about her sexual preference and gender identity on tonight’s episode of MAFS, hinting at a gender transition as she eyed her potential partner at the brides meetup.

Did you know?

People are expecting a huge twist on this season of MAFS especially after Channel 9 pushed for diversity. At first glance, people assumed that, because of her beautiful refined features and fit and masculine physique, that Hayley Vernon might be a transgender bride.

Now, that it confirmed that Tash, in fact, is a gay bride we will, indeed, see the very first gay married couple on the controversial reality TV show. But is it one of the brides, or could it be that one of the guys is a transgender male?

Tash is MAFS first lesbian bride but who will she be paired with? Married at First Sight Australia

Spoiler Alert: Daily Mail reports that Tash Herz and Amanda Micallef were matched as MAFS very first lesbian couple but it ended in flames as one of them may have cheated on the other… with a man! Their feud happened online so people immediately knew, even before the show aired, that they were a couple.

Whatever happens, this season is already looking to be even saucier than the last… and it will have to be since it is going up against channel 10’s rating king, Australian Survivor: All Stars.

Which bride do you think is going to bring the most drama on this season of Married at First Sight Australia? Leave your comments below.

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