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Voting scandal? The Voice Australia under fire

It’s finals week for The Voice Australia and that means viewers can now vote for their favourite contestant. But the show is not live and fans are now calling the show out for an alleged voting scandal.

It’s not unusual to have a voting segment on shows that pit contestants against each other. It is actually a great idea because it gets fans involved and immersed in the show. But people are starting to question whether The Voice Australia is scamming people with a fake voting system.

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Tonight’s episode of The Voice Australia was pre-recorded which prompts the question, how does voting actually work? What made this more suspicious is that Australians were only given a short 60 second time frame to vote… seriously, what?! Is this a voting scandal?

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Considering the standard 7 second safety broadcast delay and the 6 second latency this would truly only give people approximately 45 seconds to vote. Then, of course, there is the response delay for texting, calling in, or whatever method you choose to vote. And then, after that, the producers have to review, confirm and send the results to the host. Is it possible to do this all in 60 seconds?

Voting scandal? Sonia Kruger on The Voice Australia | Sausage Roll
Did your vote count or is this a voting scandal?

Well, if everything was pre-recorded – which it appeared to be – then the only way this could be achieved is if they shot multiple scenarios and aired the one that matched the results. But to get the results, pick the right footage and air it only 60 seconds after voting doesn’t seem realistic.

The other way this could be possible is the actual live results were done live while the performances were pre-recorded. If this isn’t a voting scandal, then this is probably what they did.

Is this just a big misunderstanding or is The Voice Australia guilty of scamming viewers? We’ve reached out to channel 9 for an official comment. Stay tuned.

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