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When will Australian Survivor 2019 air?

Mum’s the word when it comes to the Australian Survivor 2019 air date. But we’re pretty sure channel 10 is aiming to premiere their flagship reality TV show in early August.

We knew that the air date was approaching when we started seeing production leaks. A handful of the new castaways were revealed by TV Blackbox weeks before any official announcements were made by 10. The leaks most likely originated from promotional posters of the new cast members that were sent out to advertisers.

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Since then we have been teased with a rather awesome trailer for Australian Survivor 2019: Champions vs Contenders II. The trailer confirmed 3 out of the 5 leaked castaways: E.T., Susie Maroney, and Steven Bradbury.

Steven Bradbury - Australian Survivor 2019 | Sausage Roll

We pretty much know everything about the next season of Australian Survivor except for the air date. It has become a bit of a joke at the moment. Even the Australian Survivor official twitter is starting to poke fun at the people who keep asking.

Oops: Jessika Power reveals a little bit too much in latest Instagram video.

Fans can’t wait for the new season of Australian Survivor to premiere after catching a glimpse of a returning Aussie Survivor legend, Luke Toki. Luke quickly won the heart of Australian Survivor fans with his witty banter, hands-on gameplay style and close bond to Survivor 2017 winner, Jericho Malabonga.

Although no official announcement has been made we are pretty certain that channel 10 are going for a midweek prime-time television spot starting in early August. Australian Survivor 2018 aired on Wednesday, August 1st, so we are probably looking at an August 7 air date for 2019. Or actually, 31st of July… either of those two.

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