The Last of Us 2 is reportedly developed on PlayStation 5

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Ever wonder why The Last of Us 2 has been delayed so many times? We have the answer: development was moved to the PlayStation 5.

Naughty Dog’s next big hitter is The Last of Us 2 and, according to PlayStation Experience almost 3 years ago, it was supposed to be out last year. Now we are looking at an early 2020 release meaning Sony have missed the initial target by about 2 years. What on Earth could have caused the delay?

In 2017 Sony allegedly made the executive decision to switch the game’s development over to their new hardware. An insider claimed that this decision was made for two decisions; to cut development time and ensure that both current and next generation consoles get the optimal The Last of Us 2 experience.

Reports indicate that the PlayStation 5 is leagues above of the PlayStation 4 when it comes to pure processing power and graphical fidelity. This means it is not logical to develop for the dated PlayStation and then upscale, or rather enhance, for the next generation console because it just wouldn’t hold a candle to the new console’s benchmarks. And with The Last of Us 2‘s budget rumoured to be over 100 million U.S. dollars – it seems the more likely route to take.

Look at her hair. Is that ray traced light?

The Last of Us 2 is also set to take full advantage of the PlayStation 5’s new cross-play feature which allows seamless play between both generation consoles.

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All we know is that The Last of Us 2 is being developed for the PlayStation 5. How they plan on porting it to the PlayStation 4 is still a mystery. But rest assured, it will be releasing on the PlayStation 4; but whether it will pushed through Sony’s new cloud-based game streaming or ported to physical discs remains to be seen.

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