Worst castaways to ever play Australian Survivor

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Australian Survivor 2019 premieres on Ten, Wednesday, July 24. Looking back at the past 3 seasons we’ve found the worst Australian castaways that played.

Ten announced that Australian Survivor 2019, Champions vs. Contenders II, will air on Wednesday, July 24th. Additionally, they’ve also given us a sneak peak at some of the castaways that will be competing for the title of Sole Survivor and $500, 000AUD. Among those announced are Steve Bradbury, E.T., Susie Maroney and Simon Black.

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Although some of us were hoping that Ten would drop the whole Champions vs. Contenders theme and avoid casting celebrities instead of normal every day people, Ten have also announced that we might be seeing an American Survivor competing again either this or next year. But, instead of focusing on what could be, let us take a look at past Australian Survivor castaways.

I’ve picked 6 contestants I feel are the worst to ever compete on Australian Survivor. I am excluding people who got voted out on the first day and instead focusing on those who had plenty of time to adept to the game. Feel free to share you opinion in the comments after the last slide!

Andrew (2016)

Andrew (Season 1, 2016) | Sausage Roll

All talk, no bite… that’s Andrew! On the first night he did not hesitate to tell us that he was the ultimate Survivor and that the others stood no chance against him. The rest of the castaways were quick to catch on but continued to tolerate his him because they knew that he was absolutely no threat. Someone would have probably dragged him to the final two because I don’t think I single castaway would have voted for him. But his laziness around camp, his poor challenge record, and his snobbishness was too much for people to take.

Kat (2016)

Kat (Season 1, 2016) | Sausage Roll

Unfortunately Kat really didn’t get a chance to play Survivor, and that was entirely her fault. She barely socialised and half-arsed her efforts in challenges. Her tribe-mates thought she was a bit of a mopey dead-weight that they had to carry around. But her biggest mistake was letting her emotions control her gameplay. Instead of focusing on how she could benefit and move forward in the game, she spent her remaining days on the island moaning about Rowan and her end game was getting him voted off; which she succeeded in doing, so I guess she can consider that a win

Ben (2017)

Ben (Season 2, 2017) | Sausage Roll

Ben was perceived to be the furthest thing from a threat by nearly every other castaway. He was weak in challenges and his social game was just awkward. He tried to play the numbers game but he even messed that up by saying the dumbest crap. H

Tara (2017)

Tara (Season 2, 2017) | Sausage Roll

Tara had the makings of a Sole Survivor, but she was an emotional hand-grenade. She was one of the first to put a target on one of the most dangerous castaways to ever play Australian Survivor, A.K., but instead of trying to make big moves to take him out, she just complained about him… every single day. Her emotions would often cloud her judgement making her snub a sure thing when it approached her. One of the dumbest things she did in her season was creating a scene and throwing Luke under the bus when it didn’t benefit her at all.

Russel Hantz (2018)

Russel Hantz (Survivor AU 2017) | Sausage Roll

Honestly, I was expecting a little more from the self-proclaimed king of Survivor. This decorated Survivor veteran was confident that he was going to win Australian Survivor. He even came in strong off the bat and found an immunity idol within moments of arriving on the island. But then his ego got the best of him and he boasted about it and told everyone he was going to play it that night. Of course people were going to vote for him to flush that idol but Hantz did not play the idol. He got sent home on his very first tribal counsel with an immunity idol around his neck. That’s embarrassing.

Steven K. (2018)

Steve K (Survivor AU 2018) | Sausage Roll

Is there anyone more awkward than Steven K? Day one, first challenge, Steven started looking for the idol; in the bag of sporting equipment for the challenge, in front of JLP and every castaway. He also lied about being some kind of secret agent man but not a single soul believed him. I can’t but help think of Austin Powers the guy who shagged his chances at winning Australian Survivor.

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