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      • Respect- All people deserve respect, so that means no derogatory or rude comments. This includes racial slurs, or homophobic, sexist comments. Yes this is role play, but there is a line you cannot cross. We will just ban you if there is enough reason. So just dont do it.
      • Cheating and or Hacking - Cheating of any type will be dealt with via the ban hammer.*Instant Ban*. This includes in game glitches or 3rd party software.
      • 2nd Accounts - I get it, if you are banned on a server and you have put so much effort into that single server. it sucks. But we have an appeal forum. Try that.
      • Trolling - If your intention on this server is to just ruin other peoples fun, we have no place for you. Our intention for this server is roleplay, so please keep it that way


      • Crimes - Being a criminal can be fun, but if there are no police around, nor anyone around. Doing those crimes can just go un-noticed. So sometimes it is okay to slow down a little when you're in a chase.
      • Out Of Character(OOC) - If you have a problem with your game, use the /ooc chat in game to resolve your problem, or message an admin on the discord server. But please steer clear of using the mic for out of character chat.
      • You're Alive! - If someone pointed a gun at you in real life, you would shit yourself. So we someone does it in game. Don't just punch them in the face. They are deadly weapons.
      • Major Vehicle Crashes - GTA V doesn't have realistic crashing mechanics. So if you have a major crash or something similar, you have to role play that instead. It helps keep the immersion.
      • Meta gaming - You are your character. You are living their life, and that comes with the knowledge that character has. This can result in a temp ban.
      • Avoiding RP - If you start an RP situation, try to finish it. If you are in one and then just leave, it may leave people expecting you to come back and may just waste peoples time. This can result in a temp ban.


      • RDM - Life is precious, and it sucks to sit there dead waiting for the police. So try not to kill someone without enough reason to take a life. And even then, if you are the only witness. Give yourself a head start them maybe call the ambulance Anonymously. Help keep the role play going for the other person
      • VDM - If you don't have a reason to run someone over. Don't do it. It is illegal and you will be dealt with accordingly
      • Assault Weapons - Assault rifles, and automatic weapons are illegal in Australia, so they are also illegal here. You may eventually gain access to one, but don't expect anyone to treat it as anything but a deadly weapon.
      • Combat logging - This one is pretty obvious. If you are in the middle of a combat encounter, and you log out to avoid that situation. You are avoiding the RP and therefore breaking the rules. Keep that in mind.
      • Robberies and Kidnapping - Understand that we may be low on police, so if you plan on robbing someone or committing a crime against them, keep it realistic. It doesn't take 10 seconds to fill a bag with cash.
      • Police stations/Hospitals - These areas are emergency services. They are just trying to help. So they are Safe areas. Please refrain from violence inside these areas.
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