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Black Bear Lodge staff Fortitude Valley, BNE, do drugs behind bar on NYE

A woman’s New Year’s Eve ended in shock when she witnessed staff do hard drugs at a bar in the Fortitude Valley, Brisbane city.

Brisbane city was pumping on New Years Eve, but one of our readers didn’t want to wait in line for 15 minutes so, instead, she went to a smaller club, and what she saw shocked her.

Did you know?

Amy, a 34-year-old public relations officer went out to see the 2020 fireworks at South Bank in Brisbane city. Afterwards, her and her friends decided to head to the Fortitude Valley for a quick drink or two.

“There were huge lines to get into most places and they were really busy. My friends and I really just wanted to go somewhere where we could sit down for a drink or two before catching an Uber home.” Amy told us.

“First thing that caught us was a late night karaoke place that was directly opposite Fat Rics but it was closed, so we went to the place right beside it. There was no line and no cover charge.

The Black Bear Lodge attic bar in the Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

Black Bear Lodge Valley, Brisbane, entrance. Staff do drugs.

“The place is called The Black Bear Lodge and my first impressions of the place were great; it was a nice cosy little attic bar. Although the prices were a bit steep, the customer service was pretty good.”

Amy thought she had found the perfect bar. The live DJ was playing old school funk music, the dance floor was jumping, and most people were in good spirit. But right before leaving she saw something that quickly changed her perspective.

“After ordering two of the club’s signature cocktails it was time for me to go home, so I asked the security where the bathroom was. It was at the other end of the bar, past the stage and what appeared to be a glass washer room. When I walked past the staff room the door was wide open and several staff members, including the young man who served me, were doing hard drugs,” she explained.

The Black Bear Lodge, toilet door

The Black Bear Lodge staff do drugs, Valley Brisbane

“I was surprised that they were so relaxed about it, but then, in hindsight, most of the people at The Black Bear Lodge seemed to know each other really well… it kind of felt like the show Cheers.

“I made eye contact with one of the staff members and quickly looked away and rushed to the toilet, which was terribly filthy, so I decided to just wait until I got home. I told my girlfriends and hightailed it.”

Amy further clarified that, although she is confident that she saw them [The Black Bear Lodge staff] doing drugs, she could also have been mistaken. She will, however, not risk it. As she put it, “maybe the Fortitude Valley should be avoided all together.” She will never return to The Black Bear Lodge in the Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.

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