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Australian comedian Isaac Butterfield cancelled for being ‘too offensive’

Isaac Butterfield stand-up show at the Canberra University has been cancelled because of outrage by millennial students.

Issac ‘The Buttsmarn’ Butterfield has had one of his stand-up shows cancelled because of outraged millennials who claim that his jokes are ‘dangerous and oppressive’.

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Isaac Butterfield had an upcoming show at the Canberra University later this year, but a small group of students protested the Universities administration and told them that by welcoming his stand-up they’d be be welcoming a ‘transphobic, homophobic, racist, fascist, Nazi’ to their campus.

As a result, the University cancelled his show and Butterfrield had to find a new venue close to the Canberra University.

“My show, later this year, in Canberra had change venue because the University — people involved with the University — one group of absolute wingers decided that I was far too offensive and that the University as whole could not handle my jokes,” the comedian revealed in his latest YouTube video.

Isaac Butterfield has been called a ‘far right’ by some left-leaning Aussie celebrities despite, on numerous occasions, claiming that he’s in the middle.

The ‘far right’ label that has been attached to the 26-year-old content creator is because of his non-apologetic attitude towards political correctness. Isaac Butterfrield has often made jokes about both sides, but mostly receives backlash when the jokes are about ‘snowflakes’.

“My generation are offended by everything. They are pussies, snowflakes, weak mother f*ckers. Political correctness is the number one worry on their lists, and it’s just sad.”

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Australian comedian Isaac ‘The Buttsmarn’ Butterfield cancelled for being ‘too offensive’.

“It’s hilarious. They can’t handle jokes. They can’t handle an opinion that is not theirs. They cannot have a conversation or a debate with anyone that disagrees with them… they just freak out, they melt, and they run away from confrontation,” the Australian comedian added. “Millenials… harden the f*ck up!”

Despite being cancelled by the Canberra University after millennial outrage, Butterfield will still perform his stand-up albeit at a new venue. If you are interested in catching him live make sure that you book your tickets before they sell out.

Do you think Isaac Butterfield too offensive? Is his comedy ‘dangerous and oppressive’ or is he right to call some millennials way too sensitive. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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