Celebrity hobbies: what the stars do in their spare time

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Whether they are retired professional athletes, pop stars or A-list actors, celebrities are people just like you and me and they have hobbies that they like to do in their spare time. How are popular celebrity hobbies.

Contrary to what some news outlets, social media accounts and agents might have you believe, celebrities are just normal people like you or me. No matter whether they’re musicians, actors, athletes or famous YouTubers, they work hard, earn a lot from their professional endeavours, and have become household names because of it, but they’re still just human beings that are trying to enjoy their lives. 

Like anyone else, celebrities have time when they’re not working, and they will often dedicate some of that time to pursuing their interests. You may be surprised at some of the hobbies that famous people have as they may seem very “normal”, while others can be quite peculiar. Let’s dive into some celebrity hobbies.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is a member of a very exclusive club. He’s just one of seven athletes with billionaire status, the others being Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Michael Schumacher, Floyd Mayweather, and Ronaldo. 

Although he retired almost two decades ago, Jordan continues to earn more cash than most active athletes thanks to endorsement deals, commercial partnerships, and a string of savvy investments. 

Michael Jordan gambling playing black jack

However, this doesn’t stop Jordan from having time to have fun. He has a number of different hobbies that he uses to blow off some steam, including baseball and golf. One of his favourite things to do is to play cards.

While Jordan will play just about any card game, he has a particular penchant for blackjack and has been spotted in casinos on numerous occasions. Although there are different versions, the old game of blackjack tasks players with making a hand as close to 21 as possible. It’s popular among all types of casino-goers (including many other athletes), particularly those that play online as its simple rules make it easy to learn and quick to play. 

When asked about his choice of hobbies, Jordan has said that he has a competitive streak so playing games of all types allows him to channel this energy. 

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks is an almost universally loved actor. He’s famous for his roles in Cast Away, Toy Story, Sully, Captain Phillips, and many other blockbuster movies. He’s one of just a small number of actors to win two Oscars in two consecutive years, among a whole trophy cabinet of other awards and accolades. 

While many actors have a penchant for shiny sports cars, fancy yachts, sports, or other common interests, Tom Hanks has an altogether different hobby. 

Tom Hanks with his Corona typewriter

The star of Forrest Gump is widely known to have a passion for typewriters. These mechanical precursors to the modern computer may seem like just a large paperweight or something to hang on the wall of your hipster coffee shop, but to Tom Hanks, they’re a work of art. 

He started collecting typewriters back in the 1970s and in the 50 years since, has amassed a collection of more than 100 mechanical writing machines. 

His love for typewriters runs so deep that he’s written a book about them. Published in 2017, Uncommon Type: Some Stories is an anthology of short stories that all feature typewriters. He’s also commissioned an app called Hanx Writer that imitates the sound and typeface that are commonly associated with these machines. 

Beyoncé Knowles

Beyoncé Knowles is best known as a singer-songwriter from Houston, Texas. She had her big breakthrough as the lead singer of Destiny’s Child and then released her first solo album in 2003.  

She’s had numerous hit singles, including If I Were a Boy, Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It), and Crazy in Love.

Like many of the most successful musicians to have graced the planet, Beyoncé has interests that go way beyond music though. She’s had a fruitful acting career that includes roles in The Pink Panther, Dreamgirls, and The Lion King

Beyoncé Knowles honey and bees

She also has business interests that include endorsement deals with brands like Pepsi, American Express, and Nintendo, as well as several of her own official fragrances. She’s even invested in a lossless audio streaming service called Tidal. 

But her interests go beyond all the usual trappings that come with a successful career in the limelight. In a 2020 interview with Vogue, she revealed that she enjoys making her own honey

Her two beehives currently house around 80,000 bees, allowing her to make about 100 jars of honey every year. She reportedly uses honey a lot because of its reported “healing properties” and therefore felt it was best to just make it herself.

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