Jessika Power desperate for attention as she gets nude in the bath

Married at First Sight season 6 star Jessika Power gets nude and takes a bath on Instagram for likes during coronavirus self isolation.

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Now that Married at First Sight 2020 has concluded many of the shows stars are fighting for relevancy on social media, even former participants are willing to get butt naked on social media for likes.

Jessika Power was one of the most controversial characters on Married at First Sight, abbreviated as MAFS, in 2019. It was clear to viewers that she was only on the show to bolster her social media fame.

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Not only was Jessika one of the most controversial characters on her season but also one of the most disliked. She was matched with, who seemed to be, one of the only genuine guys on the show. Jessika Power and, her MAFS husband, Mick Gould promised to be one of the most adorable couples on the show. But as season progressed it was clear that she was just keeping up appearances to stay on the show.

Even after admitting that she was not sexually attracted to the Queensland farmer, she continuously wrote “stay”. She even claimed that she, somehow, was a victim in all of this and then continued to cheat on Mick towards the show’s finale.

Jessika Power desperate

Jessika Power desperate for attention as she gets nude in the bath on Instagram.

That’s last years news, however, and ever since the new season of MAFS premiered Jessika Power has been struggling to remain in the spotlight. That’s not for the lack of trying, though.

Jessika’s Instagram is filled with rather revealing pictures and — to some extent — it has been doing the trick to get them views and likes flowing.

PICTURES: MAFS star Jessika Power gets nude and takes a bath on Instagram.

Recently Jessika Power posted nude pictures of herself in a bath in a desperate attempt to get likes (a la Madonna style) with the caption:

Self isolation, day 15 ??‍♀️ asked the boy to take a few snaps of me. The bath, champagne and Krispy Kreme’s were his idea…I’m impressed ??‍♀️ #covid19 #keepyourdistance #slowthespread

The picture shows Jessika Power stark naked in a bath, with nothing but soap suds covering her privates, munching down on a doughnut and drinking sparkling wine.

Despite one odd comment criticising the Instagram model for posting a picture like this to capitalise on the COVID–19 crisis, most people complimented her on her looks.

The post is reaching 8,000 likes on Instagram which obviously means that Jessika Power’s post-MAFS fame is not dying off just yet, and according to many she is still quite relevant on social media.

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