Live in Australia? You don’t have to travel all the way to Scandinavia to experience authentic Nordic food.
Mjølner is a Viking-themed restaurant in Sydney and Melbourne that serves up a taste of viking culture… with a modern twist!

To celebrate Vikings latest season has collaborated with Mjølner, Sydney and Melbourne’s Viking-themed restaurant and bar, to create a feast fit for a Norse God.

A feast fit for a king… a Viking!

Mjølner has given a fresh take to a traditional medieval Viking dish, the Trencher Rollo; a porter braised venison, black garlic farrow, rotisserie roaster turnips topped with horseradish sour cream served in a hollowed-out bowl of bread. And like any true Viking warrior, you eat with a weapon… not just a knife. Choose from a variety of Nordic-styled custom-made knives to carve into your Moorish and decadent dish.

To complete your experience, once you’ve conquered your meal, you can sit at the bar and enjoy some fine whiskey, a unique Viking-themed cocktail or just a nice cold mug of ale at the nice rustic bar.

The exclusive menu item is only $30, and serves 2; perfect for any date-night.

Available for a limited time only, 22–29th May in both Sydney and Melbourne venues, so book now!.