Korean Twitch streamer asks shop keeper to ‘delete this’

Watch as chat helps popular Korean Twitch streamer, HAchubby, politely ask the gift-shop keeper to throw away the plastic bag. It’s adorable.

HAchubby, more commonly known as Hachu, is a Korean Twitch streamer who is adored for her willingness to learn English to communicate with her English speaking viewers. “Hello. I am Korean. I am not good at English, but I am studying,” she wrote in her profile.

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She usually does music streams where she takes song requests from her subscribers and performs them on her keyboard while singing. Sometimes, however, things don’t go as planned. I must say, it is very strange hearing her swear in English.

I’m going to travel to the United States this September and go to the Twitchcon

The Korean travelled all the way to San Diego, U.S.A for TwitchCon and decided to stream her little adventures in between. In the clip below she is visiting the San Diego Zoo and is purchasing something from the gift shop beside the elephant exhibit.

The shop keeper gives her a plastic bag for her purchase but she doesn’t want it. “Hi, lady,” she says to get the shop keepers attention. She lifts and shows her the plastic bag and says, “sorry, maybe delete this?” The shop keeper knows exactly what she means and politely responds, “yep! Trash?” Hachu quickly remembers what she should have said and thanks the shop keeper, “yes, trash! Yes, yes thank you.” The whole exchange is really adorable, watch it below.

HAchubby has almost reached 98, 000 followers on Twitch. Make sure you check out her channel and consider giving her a follow or a sub if you enjoy her live streams.

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