‘I found a video of me being abused as a toddler in diaper on Pornhub’

A girl was shocked to find a fully monetised video of herself being abused as a toddler on PornHub. The video remained live for more than 24 hours on the site.

The popular adult entertainment website Pornhub has been under a lot of fire after people have been discovering illegal and immoral content on the site; from animal abuse to videos of minors.

VIDEO: Mother discovered naked with 13-year-old daughter’s head in bag.

Pornhub gives users access to upload, and even monetise, their own videos. To monetise your videos you do, though, need to be verified. The verification process takes very little time and is not as strict as Facebook’s.

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To get verified you simply need to upload a picture of yourself holding a sign with your username handwritten. Once you’ve done that you can easily apply to become a model, and while you do require ID to prove your age, they have no way of checking to see if the ID is fake or doctored. That’s proven by the amount of fake model accounts on the website, all of which are fully monetised.

According to Pornhub, in the Model Program, you are paid a percentage of the ad revenue made on your verified videos. The percentage of your payout is dependent on the performance of the ads around your video.

Pornhub verification is easy, no age check; minors and fake accounts get verified making it a cesspool for human trafficking. Should it be illegal?

It’s become so easy to earn money on Pornhub that human traffickers are uploading videos of underage girls to the platform.

Earlier this year a graphic video was found on Pornhub of a 15-year-old girl who was a victim of human trafficking. She was verified as a model and all of the videos uploaded to the account were monetised.

HumanEvents reported that. in 2019, the mother of the victim was alerted to the videos a year after reporting her missing in South Florida.

Managing editor, Ian Miles Cheong, wrote: “Charged with trafficking and exploitation of a minor, 30-year-old Christopher Johnson, allegedly kidnapped the victim from a convenience store and forced her do it with him at his apartment. Speaking to police detectives, the victim said that she was even forced to have an abortion during the duration of her time in captivity. According to the Sun-Sentinel, police discovered paperwork from an abortion clinic to back up her allegations.”

More recently a former victim of abuse had to relive their terrible and traumatising ordeal after it appeared on Pornhub.

Victim forced to relive trauma after discovering illegal video of their abuse as a toddler and minor.

The victim alleged that multiple videos of their abuse were uploaded and it took days for Pornhub to respond and they only removed the videos where it was obvious it was a toddler yet left the videos where they were aged between 8-9 up.

Avri Sapir wrote: “The videos were left up overnight & finally removed in the morning, but only the ones where it was undeniably obvious I was a toddler. The ones where I was older – 9 or 10 – were left up; they were very popular. Finally, a full day after being flagged, they were removed as well.”

“This company does not care about consent, age, legality, or morality. All they care about is the view count, so that they can show you more ads. They do not care about victims, or the torture and trauma they put us through by victimizing us again and again.”

Pornhub hosts videos of minors and human trafficking

Pornhub allegedly hosts illegal videos of toddler, minors, and human trafficking; people petition to ban site.

They concluded: “PornHub MUST be held accountable. Not only for what they’ve done to me, but what they have done and are currently doing to thousands of women and minors all over the world.”

The petition to shutdown PornHub has over 350,000 signatures and counting. The community has since launched a website called TraffickingHub which encourages victims to speak out.

The Traffickinghub campaign is a non-religious, non-partisan effort to hold the largest porn website [Pornhub] in the world accountable for enabling and profiting off of the mass human-trafficking and exploitation of women and minors.

The campaign is supported by a broad spectrum of over 240 organisations as well as experts and survivors of all backgrounds.

Pornhub is no place for minors, not as guests nor victims. But unfortunately the Pornhub rules are very liberal many people choose to exploit the site by uploading videos of minors and other illegal content. Pornhub does request that you do not report any illegal content to the authorities and instead just report it, but you should definitely report it.

If you see any illegal content on Pornhub (ie. videos of minors, animal abuse, etc) or you are a victim of human trafficking report it to your authorities immediately and speak out at the Trafickinghub website.

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