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Jessika Power gym fail: MAFS star can’t do squats

Former Married at First Sight contestant Jessika Power posted a video of herself doing a squat on Instagram and it was terribly hilarious.

There’s no denying that Jessika Power looks fit… but sometimes looks can be deceiving. The MAFS star struggled to do a single squat in an Instagram video.

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Did you know?

The 27-year-old reality TV star turned social media influencer posted a video of herself at the gym on Instagram. She was sporting a black and white leopard print yoga pants and a matching sports top.

The video shows Jessika Power doing squats with what appears to be 10kg on each end. Considering that the straight bar is about 15kg, Jessika was squatting 35kg… which is not bad at all.

Admittedly she was in terrible form and Jessika Power joked about it on her post. Watch the Jessika Power gym fail below.

“I have zero form, no idea what I’m doing and had to be saved from falling over,” Jessika wrote, “but this is too funny not to share.”

The video shows Jessika duck walking backwards into position ready to do a squat. When she’s in position she does one full squat but she’s unbalanced, shaking badly — the the point where it looks like her knees are going to buckle — and she almost falls over. Regardless of her terrible firm, Jessika manages do a single squat with 35kg on her back.

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Jessika Power no squats at gym? She is already fit as.

What’s even more funny is watching her butt jiggle. Squats are the best exercise to tighten the glutes… and clearly her’s needed it.

Does Jessika Power have butt implants?

We doubt it. Jessika may have a bit of a bubble butt and that jiggle may seem a little unnatural for her someone of her build, but she’s most likely just blessed with good genetics and just needs to do some exercises to get those muscles firm.

The new season of Married at First Sight will premiere on Channel 9 on Monday, 3rd of February.

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