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Kevin Hart car crash leaves actor with severe back injury

Famous American comedian and actor, Kevin Hart, has suffered a severe back injury after a near fatal car crash that has left three injured.

Hours ago Fox news reported that the Jumanji actor, Kevin Hart, was in a near fatal car crash in Malibu Hills leaving him with a severe back injury and 3 injured. Police sources told TMZ a Plymouth Barracuda belonging to the 40 year old actor drifted off the road on the Mulholland Highway late on Saturday evening.

Did you know?

Hart’s car ended up in a ditch about 3 meters off the side of the winding road after smashing through a wooden fence. The actor was not driving at the time, police said, and his driver was not under the influence.

The roof of the Hart’s Barracuda was almost completely crushed in the crash and the authorities claim that all parties involved are very lucky to be alive.

Kevin Hart's car accident aftermath photos

A female passenger who wishes to remain anonymous was reportedly unhurt, neither was the driver, reports claim.

An eye-witness claimed that Kevin Hart was the first to exit the vehicle. Hart did not wait for the police or ambulance to arrive and instead was picked up by a member of his security team in an SUV.

A Fox news insiders said Hart first went home for medical treatment before he checked into a nearby hospital.

The Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department did not immediately confirm the information to Fox News, nor has the comedian’s attorney or representative reached out to comment.

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