Play Fortnite at Flagship Microsoft Store, Sydney

Any good at Fortnite? Well, then, why not prove it. Microsoft have put together a special Gaming Day event where players can compete against each other in Fortnite at their Flagship Store in Sydney.

Fans Become Unhinged Over Jack Vidgen Meme

Jack Vidgen's All-Star return to The Voice Australia on Sunday night has inspired the creation of a meme that has many fans outraged. It's been 8 years since we last saw Jack...

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Australian release date

Prepare to go dark, Modern Warfare is back! The most celebrated series in Call of Duty will make its highly-anticipated return when Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® launches October 25thin a powerful experience reimagined from the ground-up.  The...

The Voice: Ellen Reed Blames Producers for Ruined Career

Ellen Reed's return to The Voice Australia didn't exactly go as planned. From runner up to a huge let down, Ellen's performance was one of the worst we've seen this season. You'd expect...

Catch Xbox’s E3 Keynote in Australia and New Zealand

Want to get the E3 experience without travelling all the way to Los Angeles? Now can with Xbox GrE3n carpet event at selected Hoyts cinemas around Australia and New Zealand.

Aladdin Slammed by Critics

Disney have decided to breathe new life into their old animated classics and the last movie to get the live-action treatment is Aladdin. And critics absolutely hate it. Disney's Aladdin is time-less classic...

Activision Fires SledgeHammer – A Blessing in Disguise

Not at all surprised! SledgeHammer Games have completely botched their Call of Duty game. According to insiders it is an unplayable mess. What exactly does this mean for the franchise going forward?

Eurovision 2019 – Madonna Just Ended Her Career

Madonna, the former queen of pop, just ended her career, if it wasn't over already. Her performance at Eurovision in Tel Aviv last night made that abundantly clear. Eurovision has never been the...

The New WoW Cinematic is Making People Emotional

Today Blizzard released a new World of Warcraft (WoW) cinematic for 'Safe Haven' from the 'The Rise of Azshara' series -- which is set in the Battle for Azeroth expansion -- and it is making people...

Keanu Reeves in Wachowski’s Matrix 4 Confirmed

The future off the Matrix franchise seemed foggy for fans a week ago, but today Keanu has confirmed that there is a sequel on the way...and he's in it! This is absolutely amazing...
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Dr. Disrespect might be heading to Spotify in September, Nickmercs hints

After receiving a donation from Dr. Disrespect, Nickmercs hinted at the reason why he was banned. The...
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Skyrim for PlayStation 5 appears on Amazon and Bethesda gets slammed

Skyrim Special Edition for the PS5 popped on on Amazon France for $115AUD and Blizzard are getting slammed by disappointed fans.

“Won’t stop until he’s dead,” James Charles plot against Shane exposed

Shocking email alleges that James Charles and his fans ("sisters") plotted to ruin Shane Dawson's life and career in private chat.

JoyFreak is the best alternative to ResetEra after Angry Joe ban

JoyFreak, a fresh new gaming forum, is exploding in popularity as ResetEra is losing members after banning prominent industry figures.

Halle Berry steps down from transgender role after being called a bigot

Halle Berry was forced to walk away from a role where she'd play a transgender character after a mob of angry LGBTQ+...