Adam Lambert New Eyes performance is cringe-worthy

Adam Lambert performed his new song New Eyes on first night of the The Voice finals, and I’m sorry to say that the only memorable thing about it was his outfit.

In 2009, after ending in second place on the eighth season of American Idol, Lambert released his debut album, For Your Entertainment. It debuted at number three on the U.S. Billboard 200. Since then he has had a successful career and has played on some of the biggest stages around the world with rock legends, Queen.

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But Lambert’s new song New Eyes is boring and forgettable, and his performance was rather average and a little bit sleazy. Perhaps it just seemed so average because of the talented Australian artists he shared the stage with that evening, but I felt that a musician of his caliber should have blown the audience away.

Adam Lambert performs New Eyes on The Voice

New Eyes sounded like something Robin Thicke would write for child’s birthday party during a month long drug binge. Maybe he was on drugs? A quick read of the lyrics might suggest it.

‘Cause you got those new eyes, honey
Virgin like blue skies, sunny
Everything that you try
Everything gets you high, baby
I’ve been so blind without your new eyes

Not sure if he is confessing his love for a dude or drugs, to be honest. Maybe both?

At least it’s not all for naught. Let’s talk about Adam Lambert’s outfit and make up choice for a second. We know he was heavily influenced by David Bowie and clearly he wanted to subtly incorporate it into his new image but the end result looked like Matt Berry as Steven Toast as a 1980s pimp. Daring to wear blue eye shadow. But what’s even more daring is trying bring back the leopard print. Fortunately, it didn’t pay off. Lambert looked ridiculous.

Adam Lambert looks like Steven Toast (Matt Berry) | Sausage Roll

I just couldn’t get over how sleazy the song and Adam Lambert’s performance were. Gyrating and thrusting around the stage dressed like a pimp while saying honey and baby every other word… It’s just gross. And to add insult to injury, he had to surround himself with an all female band to attempt to come across like some kind of sex god. The whole thing just reminded me of a slightly classier version of Corey Feldman’s cringe-worthy Today Show performance.

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Of course Lambert is a very talented artist but there was just something about his performance of New Eyes that rubbed me the wrong way. Let me know if you agree or disagree in the comments below!

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