Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in Rotterdam cancelled due to Coronavirus

It has been officially confirmed that, after 64 years, Eurovision Song Contest has been cancelled in Rotterdam this year because of the Coronavirus. Over the past few weeks the Eurovision team have been...

Tom Cruise stops filming Mission Impossible 7 as coronavirus worsens

It looks like the deadly Chinese coronavirus is now infecting films. Mission Impossible 7 delayed over growing concerns of spread. Paramount Pictures was set to film in Venice for 3 weeks, but unfortunately had...

Manchester City banned from Europe for 2 years for FFP violation

Manchester City receive 2 year ban from all EUFA competitions after serious Financial Fair Play violation. Looks like Manchester City's dreams of becoming European champions again have been snuffed, at least for the next...

LaRosa warns: dance fight a bouncer and get slapped unconscious

Kids... don't do drugs, don't grope a giant, and don't try to fight dance a bouncer or something like this will happen to you too. A man got kicked out of a nightclub...

Identity of world’s best, and scariest, singer SKYND revealed

Step aside Adele, Skynd; a mysterious woman, has the best chops in the music industry, and nobody knew her true identity until now. Skynd literally popped up out of nowhere and are now...

French cosplayer banned for blackface for League of Legends costume

You can cosplay as demons, elves, aliens or even as a member of the opposite sex but if you cosplay as a person of colour you're allegedly a racist and immediately banned from the EuroCosplay.

10 European Words Everyone Needs to Know

Looking to bail on the Aussie winter this year? Why not head to Europe? You don't have to worry about lookin' the fool - Babbel's got you covered. While Australia is going through...
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Dr. Disrespect might be heading to Spotify in September, Nickmercs hints

After receiving a donation from Dr. Disrespect, Nickmercs hinted at the reason why he was banned. The...
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Skyrim for PlayStation 5 appears on Amazon and Bethesda gets slammed

Skyrim Special Edition for the PS5 popped on on Amazon France for $115AUD and Blizzard are getting slammed by disappointed fans.

“Won’t stop until he’s dead,” James Charles plot against Shane exposed

Shocking email alleges that James Charles and his fans ("sisters") plotted to ruin Shane Dawson's life and career in private chat.

JoyFreak is the best alternative to ResetEra after Angry Joe ban

JoyFreak, a fresh new gaming forum, is exploding in popularity as ResetEra is losing members after banning prominent industry figures.

Halle Berry steps down from transgender role after being called a bigot

Halle Berry was forced to walk away from a role where she'd play a transgender character after a mob of angry LGBTQ+...