Why DLC is a good thing in the modern game’s industry

Love it or hate it, DLC has pretty much become the standard when it comes to game expansions. Is that such a bad thing? Nope, here is why! There is a lot of...

Should you upgrade to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate?

Are you already an Xbox Live Gold and/or Xbox Game Pass member and you're not sure whether or not you should upgrade to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate? Well, you definitely should. Here is why.

Play Fortnite at Flagship Microsoft Store, Sydney

Any good at Fortnite? Well, then, why not prove it. Microsoft have put together a special Gaming Day event where players can compete against each other in Fortnite at their Flagship Store in Sydney.

Xbox Game Pass Coming to PC

Last week Microsoft announced that PC gamers will have access to the Xbox game library via the Xbox Game Pass later this year. Introducing Xbox Game Pass Designed for PC Players

PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold are Scams

Why are we still paying a premium to play games online on consoles? It's costing console faithfuls anywhere between AUD$100-200 every year just to play their favourite games. More if you have both PlayStation Plus and...

Minecraft Earth is Better than Pokemon Go

Did you get hooked on Pokemon Go if only for a short while? Minecraft Earth brings back the excitement of augmented reality adventures, but unlike Pokemon Go, it doesn't become repetitive and stale after only a...

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Microsoft interested in buying short-form video app TikTok if Trump allows it

The U.S. president has ordered that the Chinese owned short-form video sharing app to be banned...

5 LGBTQ celebrities that could potentially replace Ellen DeGeneres as host

Although the popular daytime talk show host Ellen has said that she has no interested in stepping down, fans are already thinking...

Graham Clark, 17, arrested for hacking Elon Musk, Kanye West & others

A Florida teen was arrested yesterday after hacking 130 celebrity Twitter accounts for Bitcoin scam in company's largest security breach.

The New Mutants star Maisie Williams wants Adele to collab with Beyonce

Although the big hair and big hips are gone, Adele is has a big voice. Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams now...

Pokimane is losing Twitch subs because of the boyfriend drama

"She's scamming us!" People are unsubscribing from Pokimane's Twitch because of her reluctance to reveal more information about her boyfriend.